This man went viral for unraveling his mother's braids in heartwarming video

Aby Rivas
Oct 11, 2018
11:44 P.M.
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Ralph Udeaja didn’t have any experience as a hairstylist, but when it came to taking care of his mother, he didn’t think twice to take on the role. He recorded a sweet video unraveling his mom’s hair, and the internet had a collective meltdown.


The 27-year-old took ok the responsibility of becoming his mother’s caretaker after she suffered a seizure last year. His mom, Gloria Ofoha, 56, suffers from depression and bipolar disorder, and when she was released from the hospital after the near-death experience, Gloria wandered off before Ralph picked her up.

The desperate son took to social media to share a “missing person,” and luckily, Gloria was found two days later.


“When I found her I could tell she had been homeless since she left the hospital. She hadn’t taken a bath, and her hair was very rough and tangled,” Udeaja said to Yahoo.

“I had to bathe her because she was too weak to bathe herself, and then I had to make sure that I washed her hair well.”


Udeaja posted a video of that moment, and the video quickly gathered over 20k views on Instagram. “Had to give my mom that Ralph spa treatment... still can't believe she's back home. God is good!” he captioned the clip.


A few days later, he shared another video, this time unraveling his mother’s hair as they both danced to Chris Brown’s “Pills & Automobiles” in their bathroom. In the clip, Gloria is wearing a pink t-shirt and her son a white t-shirt as he picked a wide-tooth comb to help his mother with the tedious task.


“My mom @ralphsmom_ has officially turned me into her hair stylist. From almost near death to seeing her recover every day..... I love this woman to death,” he captioned the clip, which went viral 70k views and thousands of comments from people praising Ralph for being such a good son.

One user wrote:

“So I was going through Instagram and came across this and boy I must say this is one of the best things I've seen recently. Its a really good thing you're doing, and I'm sure she's the happiest woman on earth. Sometimes I wish my momma was here so I could spoil her with love, but it's all good tho. Keep up the good work.”


And another added,

“I would give a million likes if I could...Your mother is very blessed because she raised an awesome man...showing this to my sons to set an example...keep up the great work!! Many Blessings and positive energy to u and your mother.”


After his sudden rise to Internet stardom, Ralph keeps on sharing his mom’s journey to recovery, continually sharing tips for people that, like him, have to deal with a loved one that suffers any mental illness, especially depression.


“I was surprised and happy that there were people in this world that were worried and concerned,” he said. “I am also happy that she’s in good hands and that she’s getting better. I’m able to take care of her, and I even had a lot of people message me and thank me for inspiring them to want to take care of their old ones and showing something positive on social media.”

Even though Gloria has some bad days, her son is always there for her to make her smile and help her get out of her dark place.



In a reverse situation, a few months ago a father of three became an internet sensation after a famous holistic trainer, Scott Bernard, recorded the man braiding his daughter's hair in the subway.

"This really touched my HEART seeing this because I know one day I WILL become a father and would do ANYTHING for my children,” he captioned the clip and added:

"I seen this honorable father fixing his daughters hair and being a great example of what a REAL MAN should do for his kids, before he left the train I said "God bless you my brother " I just want to Say " SALUTE TO ALL THE REAL FATHERS OUT THERE " you are all motivation for me when it's my time to become one and you are all appreciated, KINGS.”


The father, a DJ, and music producer that goes under the name of DJ Evvafross, thanked people for all the love he was getting and even challenged other fathers to record themselves doing their daughter's hair and share it social media to prove he was not alone.