October 15, 2018

Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper charm fans with their emotional performance together

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Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper released the music video for their song “Shallow,” and it has mesmerized their fans.

Following the announcement of their movie, “A Star Is Born,” the song was released as part of the movie’s official soundtrack.

Since the video was released two weeks ago, it has already received 29 million hits on Gaga’s YouTube Channel.

The song, co-written by Gaga, is a mixture of both nostalgia and romance as the scenes featured were grabbed from the movie.


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“Shallow” received such a positive response from the public that it reached no. 28 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, which makes it Cooper’s first entry on the top-hits list.

As for the movie, “A Star Is Born,” it is about a famous musician named Jackson, who is played by Cooper, and a struggling fellow musician he discovered named Ally, played by Gaga.


They find themselves falling in love with each other as Ally’s career starts to blossom. They also face obstacles as Jackson struggles with alcohol addiction.

The movie debuts Gaga as a movie star since it is her first starring role. Speaking with Ellen DeGeneres, Gaga said Cooper, who is the director of the movie, helped her as much as he could for her to feel comfortable during the production of the film.

Source: YouTube/ Lady Gaga




, “He just provided for such a sanctuary on set and he says it to me in the film and he said it to me in real life, ‘All you have to do is trust me,’ and I really felt like I could trust him every day on set. It was a totally different experience than I’ve ever had.”

Source: YouTube/ Lady Gaga


On the subject of firsts, it was also Cooper’s first time to perform music for a movie. Like Gaga, he was also learning new things while filming.

“We both took that leap of faith. It was great for both of us to be in the foxhole together. And there was a lot at stake for both of us. This is a big swing — and that breeds a work ethic, which she already had, but it upped the ante for both of us in a way,” he said to the Chicago Times.

Meanwhile, before they started filming, Cooper supposedly said that Gaga’s makeup wasn’t “authentic.”

He reportedly made the singer take her makeup off with a wipe that he allegedly purposely brought during her screen test.