Rottweiler meets bunny rabbit into backyard and their unexpected bond goes viral (video)

The viral video showed how a supposedly scary Rottweiler became friends with a little bunny. After watching the hilarious clip, you can’t help but gush over the unusual friendship.

Usually, Rottweilers are assumed as scary dogs that most animals stay away from. Although, this one proved that the stereotypes of his breed are wrong and that he is actually a very big softie.

As seen in the video, the dog appears to be very playful around the tiny bunny in the backyard. 

It was lucky the sweet interaction was captured on video by the dog’s owner.

Source: YouTube/ Rumble Viral

Source: YouTube/ Rumble Viral

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When the Rottweiler saw the little, furry animal, he quickly dashed across the yard towards it.

At first, you would think the dog was going to attack the bunny since its jaw was wide open and drool was dripping all over its face.

Source: YouTube/ Rumble Viral

Source: YouTube/ Rumble Viral

Seconds later, the dog got close to the bunny and pounced. Shockingly, it was actually trying to play chase with the furry creature. Going in circles, the dog chased the rabbit all over the yard.

Source: YouTube/ Rumble Viral

Source: YouTube/ Rumble Viral

At some point in the clip, the tables have turned, and it was the rabbit chasing the dog. Clearly, the strange pair were having the time of their lives bonding through a game of tag.

The video ended with the rabbit and the dog wrestling on the ground and exploring the surroundings as friends.

It’s an adorable thing indeed to witness an unusual friendship bloom between a supposedly scary dog and a cute, furry rabbit. It’s no surprise the video became viral with thousands of viewers all over the world gushing over the two animals.

While on the subject of strange animal friendships, another pooch saved its friend, which was a cat, by grabbing it on its leash as the feline was about to attack an even bigger cat.

In a captured moment, the dog was seen stopping what would have been a nasty feline street fight.

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