Mariah Carey's lackluster dance act went viral

Soulful singer Mariah Carey has been the victim of many critics for years, but seeing her dance without a bit of enthusiasm and a fake smile had people wondering what was wrong with her.

The 48-year-old is considered one of the world's most famous superstars, so, seeing her making a lackluster dance performance in what is supposed to be a high-energy show caught the attention of fans and haters alike.

While making a performance of her hit song “Honey” at her 2017 “The Butterfly Returns” Las Vegas residency, Carey proved why she’s now as the queen of vocals and not the queen of moves. Rocking a pink bodysuit and silver high heels, the singer is “dancing” in between some male dancers dressed in white.

As the star of the show, Mariah was supposed to stand out, but her lack of energy, compared to the dancers, was a major turn off for people in the audience.  Instead of giving it her all, Mariah can be seen barely moving her hips and legs, causing people to make her go viral given her disrespect for the craft.

In the short clip, she doesn’t move much from her spot until one of the dancers takes her mic, and another helps her climb on the back of the rest of the men. But she barely smiles or even moves, causing the backup dancers to struggle as she wasn’t cooperative and laid stiffly in their arms.

The reaction of people on the internet was mixed. Some started calling her performance lazy, and disappointing, stating that they would never spend their money to see a lackluster and half-hearted act. Others, choose to see the humor in it, finding the situation amusing and even making memes out of it.

In one part of the performance, she hands over the mic to her backup dancer, and people were quick to mention that maybe she was even too lazy to hold on to the microphone.

And following up with the critics, last Tuesday Carey made an appearance at the American Music Awards to perform her new single “Without You.” It was the first time the singer took the stage of the awards since 2008.

Donning a gorgeous pink gown with a plunging neckline and a massive train from which dozens of shirtless male dancers emerged at one point, Carey belted out perfectly the notes of the steamy ballad.

But netizens immediately accused her on lip-syncing, stating that, after some of her past vocals mistakes, is impossible for the diva to have regained her vocal power. Read some of the Tweets below:

Carey, of course, hasn’t addressed the accusations, focusing instead on promoting the new music video for her song "With You."

The clip, which follows Carey around L.A is everything her fans waited to see and more.

Carey’s 15th studio album will be released late this year.

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