If your pet ever starts pushing its head against a wall, take them to the vet immediately

A type of abnormal behavior that dogs may display when they are ill is “head pressing.”

When the dog stands near a wall or corner, hanging its head low, and not moving, it may be a sign that something is wrong their nervous system, according to Wag Walking.

Pet owners who notice this behavior should immediately schedule a visit with a local veterinarian.

Aside from pressing their heads against stable objects for no obvious reason, dogs experiencing neural damage also exhibit reduced reflexes, compulsive pacing, seizures, strong changes in behavior, and visual problems.

Source: Freepik

Source: Freepik

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Among the causes of head pressing in dogs are: canine distemper virus; neurological disease; metabolic disorders, including hyponatremia; hepatic encephalopathy; brain tumor or body tumor; other cancers of the nervous system; infections of the nervous system; meningitis/myelitis; poisoning; degenerative disease; and trauma.

Source: YouTube/Unexplained Mysteries

Source: YouTube/Unexplained Mysteries

A dog with a neurological disease needs immediate treatment to avoid permanent damage. During the checkup, you should let the veterinarian know if you suspect poisoning. It would be helpful to mention any known poisonous plants in a neighbor’s yard, if your dog has vomited recently.

A physical examination will distinguish symptoms of poisoning from illness.

Source: YouTube/Unexplained Mysteries

Source: YouTube/Unexplained Mysteries

A number of tests can be administered if the dog appears to be sick but not poisoned, including a complete blood count.

As for canine distemper virus or meningitis, symptoms often include fever, sneezing and fluid in the lungs.

Source: YouTube/Unexplained Mysteries

Source: YouTube/Unexplained Mysteries

Hepatic encephalopathy, which can result in neurological symptoms like head pressing, can be caused by liver damage.

A dog that displays head pressing may be referred to an animal hospital for medical imaging if no obvious disease or poisoning presents itself.


A dog named Angel recently made headlines after a video surfaced of her staring at the wall and refusing to turn around.

For days, the distressed greyhound mix refused to interact with humans, her face just an inch away from the wall.

Angel had been deeply traumatized because of the severe abuse she went through. She was taken to a shelter after being rescued. But for days, she would only face the wall and would only eat when no one was watching.

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