Iman & David Bowie's daughter looks all grown-up, cuddling up to her boyfriend in recent photos

Alexandria Zahra Jones, known as Lexi, the only daughter of model Iman and musician David Bowie, looks deeply in love in recent pics with her boyfriend, the son of a famous musician.

The 18-year-old girl is as photogenic as her famous mother, and she seems to be having a good time with her longtime boyfriend, Tristan Beltrami, the son of the Oscar-nominated composer, Marco Beltrami.

In one of the pics shared to her Instagram, Tristan is seen hugging Lexi from behind as they stand in front of a mirror and their dog is comfortably resting on the large bed. The stylish girl is rocking wide black pants, a red jacket, white scarf and brown platform shoes.

Tristan, who secured his hand on his girlfriend’s waist, donned jeans, a colorful striped t-shirt, blue jacket, and red converse.

Jones also proved she’s head over heels for the boy by sharing a series of pics of Tristan to celebrate “National Boyfriend’s Day.” She even included a baby pic of the boy and a video of the teenager playing the guitar.

“National boyfriend day was apparently yesterday, and I don’t want mine to go unnoticed. I love u Tristy, thank u 4 showing me what love is,” she captioned the post. Fans of Bowie that had a sense of protectiveness over the girl took over her comment section to share their thought on her show of affection.

“You guys seem really happy. That is what matters most in this world. Love love love this,” wrote one follower. And another added, “So happy for you guys, so glad you found each other. He seems so caring. Hope you're feeling better.”


Lexi, who was born in 2000 and is said to have changed her father’s workaholic ways, after he suffered a heart attack and realized that he had to keep living to take care of his daughter, also has an artistic flair just like her parents.

Bowie and Iman met back in 1990, and even though the model has revealed she was apprehensive about dating a rock starts, she eventually fell in love with David Jones, Bowie’s real name. They married in 1998, and soon after started their little family with little Lexi.

After the singer’s death in 2016, Iman and Lexi maintained their distance from social media for a while, but now the mother-daughter duo seems to be back to normalcy, and they even pay tribute to Bowie with different pics on special occasions.

On Father’s Day, the girl took to Instagram to share a series of pics of her dad and her as a baby, and her parents through the years. She captioned with a heartfelt post that read:

“Happy fathers day to my inspiration. I'm so appreciative that you and mom have uncovered this love that I have never seen so strongly between anyone else before. For the 24 years, you've been married, this love has only gotten stronger. I'm so blessed that the 15 years I've had with you has been spent making unforgettable memories. I love you I love you I love you I love you daddy. Rest peacefully.”


Lexi even got a tattoo to remember her dad: a half-moon surrounding the words “Dad xx 19447-2016.” Iman, on the other hand, got a dagger emblazoned with the word “David” on her ankle.

As an artist, Lexi has the same quirky, satirical and gory sense of humor that her dad had. She has a separate Instagram account for her pieces aptly named “unsettling. Art,” where she will be selling her pieces soon, according to the account’ description.

She recently graduated from high school, and while is not clear where or if she’s going to enroll in college, the girl seems to have a passion for intervening clothes, especially pants, with her illustrations.

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