Ice-T's wife steals hearts with photo of daughter playing around in father's luxurious car

Chanel, the only daughter of Coco and Ice-T, is enjoying her life as the daughter of a celebrity and a recent photo that her mother uploaded to Instagram is another proof of it.

In the image, the girl was posing in one of her father’s luxury cars. She was wearing a white ensemble while smiling and waving at the camera. In the background, there were a couple of posters of old films in what seemed to be the family’s garage.

For the caption, Coco wrote that her daughter was trying to drive too soon. She added that she was not sure if Ice-T would like her playing around in his vehicles, but that the smile in Chanel’s face was “too irresistible.”


Finally, Coco admitted that her daughter loved cars and that she even had a toy collection. As soon as she uploaded that picture, her followers took to the comment section to share their thoughts. Most of them agreed that the girl was absolutely adorable.

While talking to E! News, the actor and musician Ice-T talked about his relationship with his daughter and why he considers she is a blessing in his life regardless she was born in his fifties.


He confessed that his first daughter was born when he was in high-school and that the second child came when he was working hard to become the Ice-T people know. To sum up, he didn’t enjoy fatherhood that much with his previous children.

Chanel’s case was completely different. The actor was with Coco throughout the entire pregnancy and even saw the baby being born.


“She’s very much connected to me, and I love her to death. When a man has a baby on the second life of his life after 40, is like hitting a reset button. So, she’s keeping me young, healthy, I gotta live! I got things to do, so yes, Chanel’s been a blessing [sic],” admitted Ice-T.

Apart from being a very loving child, Chanel is also quite photogenic as she loves posing next to her mother for the photos, showing a wonderful attitude.


According to E! News, Chanel still breastfeeds, although she is almost three years old already. Coco explained why she lets her do so, though.

"Breastfeeding, of course, you know, when they're young, they need you for nutrition. It's more of a blankie-type thing. Instead of her having a blanket, she has the boob," pointed out the proud mother.


Coco recognized that several people on social media had sent negative comments over her decision of breastfeeding. However, she said there are more supporters than detractors.

According to Parents, nursing has as many benefits for children about 18 or 24 months as it does for a newborn as it provides nutrition for the toddler, boosts the immune system, and can make some mothers healthier.

Coco finally admitted that they would eventually reach to the point where they consider it had been enough, and they would let people know about that.

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