Boy pulls a puppy from bag thinking no one is watching, but his sweet action is captured on camera

Aby Rivas
Oct 17, 2018
01:48 A.M.
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The random act of kindness of a 10-year-old boy didn’t go unnoticed thanks to the surveillance cameras of a pharmacy in Brazil. Joao Gabriel Mota thought no one was watching as he helped a little puppy get some food and water, but he became a hero all over the internet.


The 10-year-old boy was captured on camera pulling a puppy out of his bag and leading him to get some water and food outside a local pharmacy in the region of Goiás in Brazil. While his actions might seem misleading without the proper context, the boy has already explained what happened.

Going back home from school, he saw the puppy wandering the streets alone, and he decided to step in and help the adorable white ball of fluff. Joao smuggled the dog on his backpack and carried him all the way to the pharmacy, where he had seen food and water containers for stray dogs.


After putting the pup directly in front of the water bowl, the malnourished dog starts desperately drinking, as the boy looks at the entrance of the establishment in case someone comes out. Then, he picks up his bag and says goodbye to the pup, sure he was leaving him in a safer place.


The puppy was not alone for long. Soon after, the workers from the pharmacy found the dog, and they called Josiel Pedro Barbosa, an animal rescuer and the founder of the project for the installation of water and food stations for strays dog around the city.


Barbosa took the puppy home, and after the owner of the pharmacy showed him the video of Joao’s actions, he decided to share it on Facebook to prove there are still good people out there. The clip quickly became viral and earned over 700k views in less than a week.

The puppy has been adopted and is now in the hands of a caring woman who found the story of his rescue heartwarming and decided to give him a roof.



Barbosa explained to Globo that, the Animal Relief Association he runs does everything in their power to rescue stray dogs, but is almost impossible for them to take care of every single one. So, they prioritize female dogs that just gave birth, their puppies, and sick dogs.

That’s why they encourage local stores to install public feeders. In that way, they can make sure all the dogs are healthy, even if they don’t have a home.


“Our idea is to attend to the maximum of animals, not letting them lack water, food and shelter, even for those whose home is the street, it is the sidewalk of our city,” he said. The man hopes Joao’s actions can become an inspiration for most people out there.

“We want the attitude of João Gabriel, who saved a puppy, to be an inspiration to other people who want to help our project,” he said. “It's good to see that you are not alone and that we hope for a better world.”



Joao never mentioned his run-in incident to his parents, and his mother, Sirlei Mota, only found out about her son’s good deed after his teacher congratulated her for having a “famous son.” By the time Mota and her husband saw the video, it was already over the thousand of views. Sirlei stated:

“I asked him, and he didn’t tell me right away, I think he was afraid, afraid he had done something wrong. My husband searched the video on the internet, and when he saw how many people had already watched, we were surprised."


After more coaxing, Joao finally confessed his good action, and he was happy and proud of himself after learning that he was considered a local hero for his selfless act of kindness. “The other day I passed by, and I saw that he[the puppy] had been adopted. I was very happy,” he told Globo.


Businessman Rafael Carneiro de Almeida and his wife Diessa de Sousa Tomé reunited with some other friends to plan the way of giving back to Joao a reward. After tracking down the boy and his family, they presented the boy with a  new pair of sneakers and a tablet for school.


Joao’s parents expressed their gratitude, as they revealed they do the best they can to educate their kids, and said how proud they are to know that, it looks like they’re doing an excellent job in leading the kids down the right path.



On a similar note, a homeless man proved that, despite not having much, he still posses a valuable thing: his humanity and a good heart.

The man was caught on camera taking care of a stray dog that was thirsty but couldn’t reach a water fountain. The man took it upon himself to give the dog some water, bringing it into his cupped hands and offering it to his stray friend.

The dog stayed put as the man went back to the fountain for more water, visibly grateful as he lapped the precious liquid from the man’s hands.