Same-sex couple not only pregnant together but both due to give birth in the same month

If you believe in fate, you'll love the story of the American Anna and Renee McInarnay. Together for almost 20 years, they have gone through countless unforgettable moments side by side.

However, they felt that something was still missing and they realized that the dream of being a mother was something common. So they went on to evaluate the chances of a pregnancy for a lesbian couple. They just could not imagine what a surprise it would be in a double dose.

Considering the adoption process very bureaucratic, the lesbian couple opted for artificial fertilization to achieve the dream of motherhood. Once the first tests pointed out that the two were ready to conceive, they decided that both would try to get pregnant.

Still, they did not expect the two would get pregnant at the same time. In fact, the fact that Renée had Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome made them more calm about it. But they were surprised. "We did not think there was really a chance of that happening," they tell the site "Scary Mommy."

Generally, couples need to try more than once to conceive from an artificial fertilization process. "We knew that the likelihood of both getting pregnant was very difficult, especially in our first try." Read more on our Twitter account @amomama_usa.

As soon as the fertilization was done, the anxiety became even stronger in the couple. They say that when the clinic called to give the news was a party and also a surprise. "They said: Anna is pregnant ... and Renee, too," rejoice.

They claim that they knew that the possibility of both conceiving at the same time was very low and especially on the first attempt. However, they found that miracles exist.

Finally, the Fertility Center called them to let them know they were both pregnant. After many tears and leaps of joy, ten weeks after discovering that they were pregnant together, they had another surprise: they both expected girls.

"Because they were designed 15 minutes apart and had the same donor, we said that they are twins, even though we are aware that they are half-sisters," they say.

In addition to getting pregnant with girls at the same time, the couple will also give birth on the same week. "The world is not a simple place to live, but in the midst of all this, we had this incredible reminder that love and hope are still very much alive," they conclude.

Thanks to technology, gay couples now have the chance of conceiving children. Like this beautiful couple that besides being the adoptive parents of two kids, they had always longed for a baby of their own.

Trystan, who is transgender, first managed to conceive in 2016 but they had a miscarriage at six weeks. Now, they are expecting again and everything is going so far so good.

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