October 18, 2018

'X Factor' contestant brings judges to tears after heartbreaking song for his late mom

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J-Sol, 25, left the judges of "The X Factor" in tears after a heart-wrenching performance for his mother who passed away in 2015.

Recently, this talented young man auditioned in the ongoing season of the hit music competition.

J-Sol has been putting off the singing competition for quite a long time. However, this season was different because it was a tribute to his late mother.

He decided to audition after reading a text from his mom, who always dream to see him compete on the show.

Source: YouTube/Breaking Talents Showcase


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Instead of covering another singer’s song, he chose to perform his original composition called "Bullet In My Heart."

J-Sol's performance was exceptionally passionate from start to finish.

Source: YouTube/Breaking Talents Showcase


You could honestly feel the passion from him with each and every note.

He really put his heart and soul into this performance. In fact, the judges were brought to tears by this original moving song.

This story reminds us about a woman named Ashly Williams who also paid tribute to her late mother with a powerful rendition of a Whitney Houston classic.


In 2013, Ashly stepped onto "The X Factor" stage and brought down the house with her incredible performance of Houston's "I Will Always Love You."

Source: YouTube / The X Factor USA


During the flashback sequence, she revealed that her mother was murdered when she was only 14 years old. The aspiring singer said that she's currently pursuing her dream in honor of her mother.

Before hitting the stage, she said: “This is the moment that I’ve been waiting for. The moment that my mother would be proud to see me accomplish."

The judges wondered whether Ashly would be able to live up to the expectations of this incredible song. But she showed her true mettle within a few minutes.

After belting out a few lines, she brought herself to tears and also brought everyone to tears - the judges, the viewers, and America.