Cafe owner frightened burglar by calling out after seeing him through a camera

Jamie Foster frightened away a thief while on vacation by shouting through a CCTV gadget on his phone.

Recently, Foster, 34, the owner of Lillies Cafe in Wickford, Essex, was on his way to the airport in the Dominican Republic when he received a notification from his Ring camera that an intruder was detected in his cafe.

The businessman opened up the video feed and watched from 4,000 miles away as a strange man rifled through cabinets and drawers.

The man eventually found the cash register. Foster then terrified him by screaming at his mobile screen.

Source: YouTube/Metro Newspaper UK

Source: YouTube/Metro Newspaper UK

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"I can see you in there, you know?" he told the burglar, who rapidly leaves the cafe with 50 British pounds in his hand.

Authorities are now asking anyone with any information about the burglar to get in touch with them, as reported by Inside Edition.

Source: YouTube/Metro Newspaper UK

Source: YouTube/Metro Newspaper UK

Foster said, "It was a very quiet coach and then I just started shouting at my phone. I think I made a few people jump. If anyone was asleep, it would have woken them up."

"I could see him rummaging around the cupboard. I told him I could see him. If I wasn’t on a coach I probably would have been a lot louder and more abusive," he added.

Source: YouTube/Metro Newspaper UK

Source: YouTube/Metro Newspaper UK

The detectives investigated the break-in. They also released a picture of a man of interest, Metro reported.

According to Foster, he received a notification about the movement from his Ring camera system at the cafe. He added that he managed to yell at the criminal to attempt and ensure he left.

"He got in through a skylight window and stole about £50 from the till. I wasn’t able to call the police as I was abroad, so had to get one of my members of staff to contact them for me," Foster explained.

"When I saw him in the cafe, I was in a state of panic initially and wanted to get him out as soon as possible," he continued.

Foster paid  £159 for the Ring camera, in addition to a £80 yearly membership fee for the company to store the videos for up to two months.

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