A letter that I will never forget

A wise story about love, relationships, and compromise.

A couple bought a plot of bare land and began to build their dream house. They agreed on everything concerning the design of the house, except for one thing - the roof.

The husband wanted a yellow roof, but his wife wanted a red one.

Then the husband was diagnosed with cancer and there wasn’t time for disputes. His wife cared for him and tried to have the strength to make the last days of his life beautiful.

But it is impossible to trick death and they soon found out that he had only 2-3 months left to live.

The husband was very disappointed that he would pass away before his wife's birthday and he promised her that on her special day she would receive a very special gift from him.

“My husband died 5 months ago,” the woman wrote, “Today I received a pink envelope with the letters 'H.B.' (Happy Birthday). I opened it and was in shock." It reads:


I told you that I will stay in contact with you – even from heaven.

Darling, whatever happens to you, know that I will always be your guardian angel. All those years that we were together, you were faithful to me, took care of me, and I tried not to let you down.

Unfortunately, I could not beat cancer. But I will always be there for you.

I love you, my darling.

P.S. Even from the sky, it is clear to me that the roof of our house should be yellow!

The woman, having read this note, knew what she had to do. On her husband's birthday, she called in the contractors and asked them to repaint the roof.

“What color?” they asked.

"Orange," she replied.

"But why?" they asked, confused.

"Because yellow and red mixed is orange," she smiled.

Do you agree with the moral of this story? Share it with your friends, let everyone remember that you should always try to find a compromise with loved ones.

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