Here’s why 'Real Housewives' star let her son be jailed for over 2 years

Odette Odendaal
Oct 20, 2018
09:57 P.M.
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Real Housewives star Lauri Peterson’s son has been in jail for more than 2 years for a crime some insist he did not commit, but his time in jail had helped him with some other problems.


29-year-old Josh Waring got arrested in mid-2016 and facing charges on three counts of attempted murder, however, this is not his first brush with the law.


Arrested in 2008 for possession of heroin and ecstasy with intent to sell he spent 240 days in jail. The cycle continued when he served 30 days in prison in 2009 for possession of narcotics and drug paraphernalia.

When Josh was 16 years old he landed in juvenile hall for fighting with a teacher who thought Josh was on drugs. His crimes became more serious when he got charged with battery on a spouse and false imprisonment of his spouse in 2010.

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In 2013 he got charged with theft of a vehicle and possession of an opium pipe and needle with intent to destroy evidence. The arrests continued in 2014 for theft.

When he got arrested in 2016 on three counts of attempted murder, relating to a shooting on June 20 in Costa Mesa, California Josh pleaded not guilty of the charges but could be facing life in prison if convicted.

Lauri and Josh maintain his innocence, and together with his attorney Joel Garson, they are working to get him acquitted, as there is no hard evidence to prove his guilt.


However, his time in jail has had one definite positive aspect. While Lauri knows he has had access to drugs in prison, it has helped him to get clean and said:

“Because Josh found strength and resilience, he was able to without any help from the jail…but strength from himself. He has really invested himself in this case and studied and studied. It’s really given him a purpose. The silver lining is he is sober.”

Lauri adds that while she struggles with her decision to only give him financial aid for rehab related purposes but not for legal aid his incarceration did eventually help Josh to get drug free. Her tough love did appear to have helped him onto a better path.


Josh insists there is evidence pointing to another person and asked to take a polygraph test to prove his theory. Judge Jonathan Fish recently signed an order that allows for a contact visitation with a licensed polygrapher in Orange County Jail. The 29-year-old wants false accusations made by prosecutors dispelled and said:

“I want to get this out to the media. There is so much evidence that is pointing to another person. I know they are not stipulating to let this in as evidence … but they know I didn’t do this. They just don’t want the public to know that.” 


A case of spousal abuse ended tragically for another Real Housewives guest star Donna Alexander when her estranged boyfriend brutally attacked her on September 21.

Donna was known for founding ‘Anger Room,’ with the purpose of having a place to take out frustration and anger by smashing and breaking things in a safe environment. Previous abuse suffered by her ex-boyfriend Nathaniel Mitchell and abusive tendencies he had towards her inspired the ‘Anger Room.’

Mitchell got arrested for the attack on Donna at her home in Grand Prairie, Texas. Mitchell took her to hospital after the incident but she died three days later due to her injuries after being taken off life support. A tragic turn of events that Laurie hopefully saved her son Josh from.