Texas mom caught son stealing family BMW and gave him a brutal lesson right there on the road

A 13-year-old boy got the nickname of “G.T.Aaron” after stealing his mother’s BMW. When his sister and mother found him, he got a brutal lesson in front of his girlfriend.

Liza, Aaron’s sister, recorded the entire situation and posted it to social media. As her tweets revealed, the boy disconnected the Wi-Fi of their home as a way to avoid her mother to see the CCTV cameras.

Later, he took her “brand new” BMW and went to his girlfriend’s house. Aaron’s mother, Lisa, was at work unaware of the situation as she probably thought that there was a problem with the internet connection.

Source: Twitter/Lizaconda

Source: Twitter/Lizaconda


However, the mother of Aaron’s friend found out that he had picked up her daughter and contacted Lisa immediately. Still in disbelief, the woman asked Liza to go to the garage and check if her car was there.

Source: Twitter/Lizaconda

Source: Twitter/Lizaconda

When she told Lisa that it was not, she drove home, picked up her daughter, and hit the road to look for Aaron. The tweets that Liza posted showed the worried mother contacting her husband to tell him about the problem.


After a while, they found the car at a nearby intersection. Once there, Lisa drove fast until she was next to her son and yelled: “pull over now!” Read more on our Twitter account, @amomama_usa

Source: Twitter/Lizaconda

Source: Twitter/Lizaconda


The boy knew he was in trouble, so he stopped the car a couple of meters away from her mother’s vehicle. Lisa got out of the car and punished Aaron with a belt in front of his friend.

Source: Twitter/Lizaconda

Source: Twitter/Lizaconda

One of the most striking aspects of it is that it was not the first time that Aaron took one of his parents’ cars, so they grounded him “till further notice.” Lisa took his door off its hinges and confiscated his electronics to make sure that he felt sorry about it.


"It’s my son's well-being, his livelihood, his best friend's well-being, not to mention all the other people on the roadways,” Lisa said.


While stealing the family’s vehicle is very uncommon, it is not the first time that it has happened. A 10-year-old boy in Cleveland did it and led the police on a dangerous high-speed chase.

The video showed several police officers chasing the boy until they forced them to crash into a police cruiser. Once they tried to arrest him, he spat on an officer and kicked another one in the chin.

He spent the night in jail after the one-hour pursuit. He allegedly reached the 100 mph.

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