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October 16, 2021

Husband Returns from Business Trip and Sees Newborn Baby on Table with Two Notes beside — Story of the Day

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A man is accused of being the father of a baby abandoned on his doorstep and it costs him his marriage and his way of life.

Kyle Greenbecker had spent a year working on an oil pipeline in Alaska, but finally, he was on his way home to his beautiful wife. He and Lisa met in high school, and Kyle had never regretted marrying her at nineteen.

Maybe he was old-fashioned, but Kyle was proud that Lisa was the only woman he'd been intimate with in his life. He didn't need and didn't want anyone else. It never occurred to him that Lisa would ever doubt him -- and with good reason.

Kyle couldn't believe there was a baby on his kitchen table | Source:


When his plane landed, Kyle collected his luggage and walked out with the other passengers, scanning the crowd for Lisa's beloved face, but she wasn't there to pick him up. 

Probably, Kyle thought, she'd been held up at work with some emergency. He sent her a quick text telling her he was on his way home but got no reply. He hopped into an Uber and in an hour he was walking up to his front door.

The lights were on in the lounge, but Lisa wasn't there. He made his way to the kitchen and stopped in the doorway, stunned. Resting on top of the kitchen table was a bassinet, and Kyle could see a small arm waving aimlessly.


He took a step closer. There was a bassinet with a baby on his kitchen table! The child was looking back at Kyle with that astonished look babies have, and Kyle stared back just as astonished.

Kyle couldn't wait to get home to his wife | Source: Unsplash


Then he saw a folded paper on the table next to the bassinet. He picked it up and unfolded it. Inside was another sheet of paper with a message in a handwriting he didn't recognize: "You had your fun, now take responsibility for your child."

Meanwhile, the note addressed to him in Lisa's elegant script read:

"Kyle,  yesterday I found this child on our doorstep with that note attached. I always suspected you cheated on me during your business trips, but I didn't hold a grudge on you for that -- after all, I had plenty of flings while you were away -- but saddling me with someone else's byblow is too much. I've filed for a divorce, and I earnestly hope I will never see you again.


"P.S. And about the baby, don't worry, I only left when I saw you walk up the drive. Enjoy your life, Kyle, I certainly intend to enjoy mine."

Kyle read the notes and he couldn't believe his eyes | Source: Unsplash


Kyle sat down and dropped his head in his hands. He couldn't believe this was happening to him. This child wasn't his, he'd never cheated on Lisa, ever! A soft cooing sound made him raise his head.

The baby was waving its little hand in the air, so Kyle brought his own hand closer and to his surprise, the child grabbed onto his index finger with incredible strength.

"Well, baby," Kyle said. "I guess it's just us two, and I don't know what to do with you!"

The baby cooed again and gurgled, then screwed up his face in an alarming way and turned bright red. "Oh my God!" cried Kyle. "What's happening?" A certain smell quickly elucidated him.


Kyle had to figure out how to change the baby's diaper | Source: Unsplash

Yep, it was diaper time. But was there even a diaper? On the floor next to the table was a large backpack with several snap pockets that he'd never seen before. Kyle found a bewildering array of items inside and the diapers.


He quickly googled diaper change and watched carefully as a woman on YouTube demonstrated on a life-like doll how to change a diaper.

Kyle started following her instructions but things didn't run that smoothly. The woman's life-like doll didn't move its legs, or sink its kicking heels in the stinking and unmentionable contents of the dirty diaper! After wiping the baby clean, Kyle realized it was a girl, and he didn't know anything about girls!

"I won't be giving you dating advice," he told the baby solemnly. "But I can teach you how to ride a bike."

Kyle realized in that moment that he intended to keep this baby.


Kyle realized he wanted to keep this baby | Source: Unsplash

He picked up the freshly diapered baby and said, "You need me, and I guess I need you too. So how about it, kid?"


Kyle once again consulted the YouTube baby-guru to prepare the formula and settled the baby in the crook of his arm for her feed.

"You need a name, you know that? How about... Celeste? Do you like that? Or Lily..."

If anyone had told Kyle that he would settle into fatherhood so easily and so smoothly he would never have believed it. Lily had her moments and her tantrums, but somehow things worked out.

Kyle registered Lily as his child and enrolled her in daycare. For him, her birthday was on the day he'd found her. But it was on Lily's second birthday that Kyle's world fell apart.


Somehow things worked out for the two of them | Source: Unsplash

A woman knocked on her door. "I've come for my baby," she said. Kyle just looked at her. She was tall, blonde, and thin, with huge breasts that were obviously a product of a plastic surgeon's art.


"Your what?" Kyle asked. 

A real parent is the one who loves and cherishes the child.

"My baby," she snapped. "I left her here two years ago? Sorry about that, but I was a bit stoned and my boyfriend lives on the next block over and I got confused. You know how it is!"

"Sorry, I don't know how that is because I've never abandoned a child on anyone's doorstep," Kyle said coldly. "I'd get a move on if I were you, or I'll call the police."

On Lily's second birthday, Kyle had an unpleasant surprise | Source: Unsplash


"Now look here," the woman said sharply. "I figured I made a mistake about a week later when Burt didn't take my calls, but now I need that baby!"

"You need her?" asked Kyle angrily. "What do you need her for?"

"Burt just got himself a Major League contract," the woman said. "And that baby's gone make sure some of those millions land in my bank account!"

Kyle ran the woman off, but he had a feeling he hadn't seen the last of her. He was right. A week later he was summoned to family court. A Miss Cherish Vegas was contesting his adoption of baby Lily.

"I need that baby!" | Source: Unsplash


Suddenly, Kyle was showered with injunctions, was visited by Social Services at odd hours of the day or night, and his friends and co-workers were being questioned. Cherish really meant to get her hands on those millions!

Finally, the day of the hearing arrived. Kyle nervously handed over Lily to the social worker for the duration of the hearing and walked in. Cherish was there, of course, and a tall man with Lily's blue eyes was on her side of the court. This could only be the famous Burt!

Cherish cried and sniveled and told the judge how much she loved and missed her baby, and how her wild college days (now long past and deeply regretted) had led her to place her in Kyle's care.


The judge looked down at the papers in front of her. "By in his care, you mean on his porch, isn't that right, Miss Vegas?" asked the judge.

The judge wasn't impressed by Cherish's testimony | Source: Pexels


Cherish flushed red. "Well, I'm still her mama! No one can deny that!" she screamed.

The judge looked at Burt. "You sir, you are the father?" 

Burt lumbered to his feet and said, "I guess I must be..."

The judge fixed him with a flinty eye. "Are you prepared and able to take on the parental responsibilities for this child?"

Cherish screamed, "You bet he is, judge, he just signed a three million dollar contract to play ball..."

Kyle spoke about his love for Lily | Source: Unsplash


"Oh!" cried the judge. "Finally, the truth is out! Tell me, Miss Vegas, what name did you give your daughter?"

"Name?" asked Cherish, confused. "Why, she'll have her daddy's name., since he'll be paying child support!"

Kyle stood up. "Your honor," he said. "May I address the court?"

"Yes, Mr. Greenbecker," said the judge. "Please do."

Lily cried for her daddy | Source: Unsplash


"Ma'am, my daughter's name is Lily, and she does have her father's name -- mine. Since the moment that child came into my life I've loved her, and she loves me."

At that moment, Lily, who had been playing with the social worker's necklace noticed that Kyle was standing up. "Daddy!" she cried and stretched out her arms.

"Well, ladies and gentlemen, it seems to me that the case has been decided by the principal party," the judge said. "I hereby overturn all claims of custody of the child Lily Grennbecker and confirm Kyle Greenbecker's custody and adoption.

That night, Kyle celebrated his victory in court and he and Lily spent the evening catching lightning bugs in the garden. "Stars!" cried Lily. But for Kyle, the brightest star of all was his little girl.


Kyle and Lily: together forever | Source: Unsplash

What can we learn from this story?

  • A real parent is one who loves and cherishes the child. Kyle took care of Lily and loved her as if she were his own.
  • A heartless woman will use anyone, even her child, for profit. Cherish didn't want Lily, she just wanted Burt's money.


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