Keith Urban fulfilled the dying wish of a gravely ill girl who is one of his biggest fans

Keith Urban took some time off his busy schedule to visit a gravely ill fan named Marissa English at the hospital, where he sang for her.

Urban may have performed for thousands of people in Toledo, Ohio, on Thursday, October 18, 2018, but the highlight of the day took place beside Marissa's hospital bed.

The singer spent over 45 minutes with the 25-year-old and sang "Blue Aint' Your Color" just for her, with the beautiful moment being captured on camera and shared on Facebook.

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Urban's presence at the Mercy Health St. Vincent Hospital was only possible thanks to the team of nurses who, day in and day out, take good care of Marissa.

They knew that she was a big fan of Urban and that it would mean the world to her to be able to meet her idol. Since she wouldn't be able to attend the concert, they made a plea online to get the singer to show up at the hospital.


Marlise Matthews, Marissa's mother, was very emotional and said that seeing Urban holding her daughter's hand and singing for her was 'priceless' and 'a dream come true.'

Marissa's health condition is rapidly deteriorating; she suffers from cerebral palsy, severe scoliosis and has an inoperable cyst on her brain. Despite the cards she has been dealt, Marissa has remained a fighter.

According to Matthews, having Urban there with Marissa had positive effects on her; it reportedly made the 25-year-old feel more relaxed and her heart rate slowed down as she was enjoying his company.


But this wasn't the first time Urban has gone out of his way for a fan during his Graffiti U World Tour; recently, the singer stopped his concert to make a little girl's birthday wish come true.

Source: Facebook/Keith Urban

Source: Facebook/Keith Urban

The 50-year-old invited 10-year-old Ella, who was wearing a shirt with the words 'It's my birthday and I'm going to see Keith Urban' on it, to the stage, where he sang 'Happy Birthday' to her.

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