Incredible moment loving dog saved a fawn from drowning

Storm, a 6-year-old Golden Retriever became a local hero after saving a baby deer from drowning in the deep waters of Port Jefferson Harbor off Long Island.

The moment of the rescue was captured on video and shared through YouTube by Mark Freely, Storm’s owner, and it has earned over one million of views, with people praising the dog’s bravery and instincts.

Source: YouTube/Mark Freely

Source: YouTube/Mark Freely

According to Freely’s statement, what started as a regular walk with his two dogs, Storm and Sarah turned into a dramatic rescue like out of a movie when a moving lump in the middle of the water caught the attention of Storm.

Mark revealed to CBS New York that even though he knows Storm is a loyal and caring dog, the pooch’s actions took him by surprise. In the clip, Mark can be Heard saying “Good boy Storm!” as the dog swims through the muddy waters to reach the fawn.

Source: YouTube/Mark Freely

Source: YouTube/Mark Freely

Once by its side, Storm took the fawn by its neck and dragged it back to the shore, following his owner's voice. As they reach the coast, the fawn laid down with no strength, and Storm started nudging it and pawing at it, “to make sure she was gonna be OK I guess,” Freeley said.

The man immediately called some experts to take care of the fawn, but just when they arrived, the scared animal had already recovered its strength and, in an attempt to escape, went back into the water. This time further back into it.


Frank Floridia, from the Strong Island Animal Rescue League decided to get into the water to get the deer back to safety. “It was a do-or-die situation," he told The New York Daily News. "I really didn't have much of a choice. If I didn't go in the water, the deer would've died."

After struggling with the deer for a few minutes, Floridia was finally able to get him out with the help of a rope. Erica Kutz, Floridia’s partner, was already waiting at the shore to take the deer to a rescue. Frank had blown out his knee during the extenuate rescue.

The 3-month-old white-tailed deer had some cuts and wounds on its head and eye and was covered in ticks. They took it to the Star Foundation, a nonprofit organization in Long Island that takes in rescued animals.

There, the animal was treated with antibiotics and fed with baby goat formula from a bowl. He would be set free into its habitat once it was healthy again.


On a similar note, a few years ago four Sitka deer jumped willingly into a boat in the icy waters near Taku Inlet, Alaska. A photo of the exhausted animals made its way to social media, and their story melted hearts.

Tom Satre, captain of his the charter vessel the Alaska Quest, and his sister Sharon Kelly, stated that the usually skittish animals were shivering and once in the safety of the boat, collapsed in exhaustion.

“They couldn't stand up on their own," Kelly said.

“They couldn't shake the water off their coats. We didn't want to touch them, but it was clear they were happy to be there. They probably would have crawled on board if they could have."

Once the boat reached the harbor, the animals walked off.

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