Woman spots a street dog sleeping with his head on a teddy bear, but can't find him the next day

Pedro Marrero
Oct 26, 2018
09:17 A.M.
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The harrowing picture impacted social media users, but it was never known what happened next with its protagonist. However, thanks to the image other pets received help.


In Houston, according to some estimates, more than a million dogs roam the streets. Yvette Holzbach was driving through this Texas’ city when she found a disturbing scene: a black dog that slept on the sidewalk embracing a dusty teddy bear.

Yvette could not keep up with that pathetic image in her head. It seemed that the dog, who was possibly lost or abandoned, had found consolation becoming a friend of the filthy stuffed animal.

Holzbach, who always tried to help all the dogs she could through her shelter, this time only took a picture, because at that moment the place did not fit another animal and because despite its situation, the dog looked relatively healthy. Read more on our Twitter account @amomama_usa


She promised to look for him again as soon as she could, but when she returned she found neither the dog nor the toy. Then she published the photograph on Facebook, hoping to find it.

The story went viral and generated controversy. On one hand there were those who supported her search, and on the other hand, the ones who criticized her for not having helped the dog in time. However, most condemned the person who supposedly abandoned it.

Yvette tried to explain herself by saying that the group she worked with as a volunteer was small; they are on a tight budget that feeds and provides veterinary care to stray dogs with medical needs, and also to the residents of the impoverished fifth district of the city.


According to her, this dog seemed stripped but healthy, and no one had offered to take care of him or adopt him. "We always face the dilemma of deciding which dog to send a request for help with," Yvette wrote on Facebook.

"This dog absolutely broke my heart, but it is a dog [sic] that was relatively in good shape and, unfortunately, the sad truth is that for a dog in this condition it would be much more difficult to find a foster home than any other we find in worse form ".

"We can feed up to 50 dogs in a day. Of them, we are lucky if we rescue only one because the promoters are very difficult to obtain ".


Days later, Holzbach published on Facebook new information about the case. She reported that the dog belonged to a man named Calvin, 89, who lived near the site where Yvette saw him huddled the first day.

Calvin had many dogs that he had picked up from the street, but this one in particular had never been used to living with him. He would often leave the fence and then return, only this time he did not return, but Calvin loved him very much and would continue to look for him.

"Calvin cares so much about these dogs that he buys ice for them in the summer, so they have cold water," she wrote. A neighbor told Yvette that she sees Calvin hauling 50 pound doggie bags on his shoulders, walking home from the store.


However, this dog did not want to be rescued. He kept jumping the fence, kept running until he disappeared. Neither Calvin nor Yvette heard anything about the adorable puppy or his stuffed animal again.

But according to Upsocl, the good news is that in their search they managed to rescue another dog and also the shelter of Yvette offered veterinary assistance to all Calvin's pets.

This reminds us of the moving story of Miley, a white female dog that was found living in a landfill. After observing her from afar; the rescue team determined she could have mange.

With treatment and time, Miley healed. The team introduced her to Frankie, a dog who is afraid of everything, and the two became very close friends. Now the two rescued dogs await patiently for their forever home.