Tire explodes catapulting baby out of mom’s hands – camera captures the horrifying accident

A mother and her baby are sent flying as they get hit by an exploding tire in China.

On October 12 in China’s Hubei Province, Mrs. Wang and her baby got struck by an exploding tire at the auto repair store where she works while holding her baby.

Source: YouTube/Abanoub Samy

Source: YouTube/Abanoub Samy

CCTV footage from the garage in Danjiangkou, a city in central China shows how the workers pumped the big tire full of air. They leaned the pumped tire against a forklift, the air hose still attached.

Source: YouTube/Abanoub Samy

Source: YouTube/Abanoub Samy

The mom and her baby can be seen walking past the ever inflating tire at the exact wrong time, the tire over-inflated and the pressure sent it flying straight into the head of the mother, sending both her and her baby flying.

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Source: YouTube/Abanoub Samy

Source: YouTube/Abanoub Samy

The men who witnessed the explosion ran over to help the mother but rush over to the baby once they realize the little one is under the lorry tire. The air fills with smoke and the men can be seen picking up the baby while other men carried Mrs. Wang indoors.

Source: YouTube/Abanoub Samy

Source: YouTube/Abanoub Samy

Both mother and son got taken to hospital but thankfully escaped the incident with minor scratches. The police confirmed that the explosion happened due to excessive tire pressure due to the valve pump not being removed.

It is not clear whether anyone got charged after the accident.

The courageous efforts of a stranger can mean the difference between life and death, so when Mamoudou Gassama saw a young child dangling from the fourth storey balcony of an apartment building in France he was walking past, there was no hesitation.

He ran towards the building and climbed up reaching the dangling child in under 30 seconds when Parisian emergency services arrived Gassama had already pulled the child to safety. The Malian immigrant, Gassama, saved the boy’s life.

Since the incident, Gassama got offered French citizenship and a job with the Paris fire brigade. They had charged the father of the young child with the abandonment of parental responsibilities. He left the child home alone to go do shopping, after which he got distracted playing pokemon go. and faces up to two years in prison. The father is currently the sole caretaker of the child as his mother is living on Reunion Island.

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Avec M. GASSAMA qui a sauvé samedi la vie d’un enfant en escaladant 4 étages à mains nues. Je lui ai annoncé qu’en reconnaissance de cet acte héroïque il allait être régularisé dans les plus brefs délais, et que la brigade des sapeurs-pompiers de Paris était prête à l’accueillir. Je l’ai également invité à déposer une demande de naturalisation. Car la France est une volonté, et M. GASSAMA a démontré avec engagement qu’il l’avait ! - With Mr Gassama who saved a child’s life on Saturday by climbing 4 floors with his bare hands. I told him that in recognition of his heroic act he would have his papers in order as quickly as possible and that the Paris fire brigade would be keen to welcome him to their ranks. I also invited him to submit a naturalization request because France is built on desire and Mr Gassama’s commitment clearly showed that he has that desire!

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Heroes come in all shapes and sizes and in this case, it was four-legged. A sweet Pitbull named Sacha pulled baby Masailah to safety after a fire broke out in the neighborhood in Stockton, California one Sunday night.

The fire reached the residence of Latana Chai, mum, to Masailah and said that Sacha would not stop barking, as if in warning. Latana opened the door where Sacha was barking and she ran in, she followed the pitbull and what she saw was astonishing.

Sacha had little Masailah by the diaper, dragging her off the bed towards safety. All three managed to get to safety before the fire completely burned down the house.

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