Someone was stealing cat food - woman finally caught the robber on camera

Oct 26, 2018
03:35 A.M.

The woman didn’t have to stakeout to find out who had been eating the cat food every night. She captured the culprit on a now-viral video.


Each night, Love, the cat, is being treated with a bowl of cat food laid out by her owner on their covered patio. At first, the owner never knew somebody had been stealing her pet’s food.

All the while she thought her cat had been eating a hearty meal daily, but things changed when she noticed something different from the contents of the bowl.

Speaking with the Dodo, Twitter user Katfarr1 said, "About two weeks ago, my mom noticed that the food was disappearing faster than usual. She just thought our cat was eating more."


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They soon learned that somebody else was enjoying the cat food aside from the cat. One night, the owner walked out on the patio and caught the culprit in the act.

Source: Twitter/ Katfarr1

Source: Twitter/ Katfarr1


As it turned out, the suspect was an unusually fat toad. Supposedly, the toad noticed the bowl one night and had been returning for a nightly chomp session since.

Source: Twitter/ Katfarr1

Source: Twitter/ Katfarr1

In the video, the toad appeared unbothered even though it was caught in the act. It still made its way to the mound of food and ate away.

As soon as the toad was full, it happily hopped away back to where it came from.

Source: Twitter/ Katfarr1

Source: Twitter/ Katfarr1

As for the owner, she was surprised at what she saw but was somehow amused. She didn’t bother to hide Love’s food bowl afterward. Katfarr1’s mother decided to make it a tradition and feed the toad as well.

"She said she’s gonna keep feeding him for the fun of it,” said Katfarr1.


In another viral story, a sneaky raccoon gained social media attention after having been caught stealing cat food.

Even though the owner was right in front of the bowl of cat food, it didn’t stop the pesky raccoon to grab a handful of the hearty meal.

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