Adrenaline junkie brides set their wedding dresses on fire after saying 'I do' in viral video

Fire-Breathing Brides made wedding dress history with a fiery display on their big day, as seen in the video below.

April Choi, 32, and Bethany Byrnes, 28, began dating in 2013 and got engaged in 2016. They had a shared love for entertaining and adrenalin rushes.

They are variety entertainers and both are skilled fire eaters and fire breathers. Choi says neither of them is "adrenalin junkies" but that they enjoy keeping things interesting by doing crazy things.

The idea was originally Choi's. She told Byrnes about it and they test ran the idea at a fire shoot they went to. Byrnes wore the dress and Choi set it on fire but nothing prepared them for the spectacle they would create on their wedding day.

They had a completely atypical wedding day.  The entire day was reversed, starting with the reception first. The brides even wore different dresses to exchange vows.

Many of their guests also worked in the entertainment industry. The guest list included eight fire performers and a certified pyrotechnic.

Besides all the certified pyrotechnic specialists in attendance, the brides took a large number of precautions. They bought special dresses with detachable skirts from a thrift shop.

The brides each wore cotton tights and tied their hair back to avoid their skin or hair burning. They also modified their dresses by attaching slow-burning duck cloth canvas to the trains of the dresses.

  “The way we keep the flame burning between us is constantly doing really crazy and dumb things,” Choi said. 

The ceremony compromised of the officiant saying you may light the bride. A member from each bridal party then stepped up and set a dress on fire. The brides stared lovingly into each other's eyes the entire time.

The brides had tried to get evenly matched dresses but Choi's dress burnt slightly faster than Blythes. Both brides managed to easily tear away from the lit skirts and move to safety.

The pictures of the ceremony were impeccable. The guests thoroughly enjoyed the display.

 Needless to say, the ceremony will be burnt into their memories for the rest of their life.

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