Here are some of the best jokes of the day

Here are some short but fun stories to make you smile. Remember that there’s nothing like a good laugh to fight stress and exhaustion. Enjoy!

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1. Anatomy of a car

A group of lunatics at a mental institution were talking about their plans to get out of the facility. Using their wit, they came up with the idea of building a car to escape, and each one of them would be a part of the vehicle.

So they started to call dibs on each part of the car. “I’m the doors!” one screamed, “I’m the radiator!” another added.

Someone else said: “I’m the steering wheel,” and so on until the car was complete.

Once they assembled the car and starting the trip, one of the lunatics who was left behind with the doctors began laughing uncontrollably.

He said out loud: “They’re crazy! They’re going to get into an accident; you’ll see, doctor.”

The doctor, surprised by the patient’s stamen, asked: “why do you say that?”

To which the lunatic replied comparatively:

“Because I’m the breaks, and they left me behind.”

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2. This one is a bit cruel.

A woman said to her friend:

"Your husband can't stop being unfaithful, do you think he’ll have a cure?"

The woman, annoyed and frustrated about her friend’s imprudence and her husband’s behavior, answered:

"Of course, he’ll have a cure. And also a coffin, a wake, and a funeral."

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3. This is why you need to pay attention in biology

A little boy arrived at home scared and hurt. When his mother asked what happened, the boy explained that a baby snake had bitten him.

Astonished, the mother asked the boy how did he know the snake was a baby.

“Because it had a rattle on its tail.”

Frustrated the mother replied: That was a rattlesnake!!

We hope they went to the hospital immediately after the discussion to find an antidote.

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4. Be careful who you trust

My boyfriend was dying. I was near his deathbed when he said in a weak voice: “There’s something I have to confess.”

“Shh,” I said. “There’s nothing to confess; everything is fine.”

“No, I have to die in peace,” he answered. “I had sex with your sister, your best friend and one of your co-workers.”

“I know,” I whispered. “That’s why I poisoned you….Now, close your eyes.”

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Trust but with caution because sometimes even your own teeth bite your own tongue

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