Joanna and Chip Gaines explain why their oldest children fight over baby Crew

Razia Meer
Oct 30, 2018
06:19 A.M.
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Sibling rivalry happens in the best of homes, but in the Gaines household, there is more than meets the eye. Everyone at Casa Gaines is merely fighting for a turn to hold baby Crew.


Chip and Joanna recently spoke about their children's relationship with the new member of their crew, baby Crew, at their annual Silobration event held at Magnolia Market.

Crew was born after filming of their hit HGTV show "Fixer Upper" stopped. The children viewers have watched grow up; Drake, Ella, Duke, and Emmie Kay, predictably cannot stop fighting over their four-month-old baby brother.

"We never get to carry the baby because from the time I wake up, they get in line. Drake’s number one, Ella’s number two—they fight over who gets to hold him all morning, all night. It’s so sweet."  


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From the moment Gaines announced her pregnancy in January, people were pleased to discover how excited her children were at the thought of a new baby in the home.

Now everyone who follows the Magnolia Market creator wonders how she is managing to balance her five children, the oldest of which is Drake at 13 and the youngest before Crew, Emmie Kay who is 8.


Gaines says they told the children as soon as they discovered little Crew was on the way, and the children "lost it" from excitement. 

"They were so excited, and I think that’s what makes me the most excited—that they’re celebrating with us." 


Their excitement clearly has not ebbed since his birth and they still celebrate his milestones while going about their usual fun-filled lives, exactly as Joanna hoped for during her pregnancy.

“I think it’s sweet because they’re older now, and I can see them wanting to be a part of this. We’re all rallying around this baby, which I feel is a sweet gift to our family.”


Raising Crew off-air has made for a very peaceful motherhood journey. Luckily, Gaines has not maintained complete radio silence and still finds time to share the family's goings-on with their much-loved fan base on Instagram.

She says that enjoying the "simpler moments" with her family is better than "any mountain-top journey" that they could be on.


Chip had fans oohing and aahing when the couple revealed his tradition of wearing his children's hospital bracelets from their birth until the plastic circlets fall off on their own. 

He started the sweet tradition with Drake and has continued it through every one of their children's arrivals, including little Crew's.

It would seem that between his doting parents, Chip and Joanna, and his four eager siblings, baby Crew will never feel unloved or starved for attention.