Man saves horse with chained legs, then another horse 'kisses' its savior in gratitude

Pedro Marrero
Nov 02, 2018
03:24 P.M.

Recently, we have known a cruel practice that occurs in Romania and that has become part of the unfortunately extensive catalog of atrocities that humans can commit against animals.


It turns out that, in this country, it is relatively common for farmers to chain the horses' front legs to prevent them from fleeing.

According to the rescue association Four Paws International, the chains make the animals have to move in jumps, in an unnatural way and with serious consequences for the health of their bones and limbs.

Ovidiu Rosu, a veterinarian who works with Four Paws, found a group of free horses in the field in the area of Letea.

However, one of them was not free at all since he had his front legs tied and, although he had managed to escape from his abusers, he had not managed to get rid of his chains.

Source: YouTube/Four Paws International

Source: YouTube/Four Paws International


Seeing the situation, Rosu knew what he had to do: he sedated the horse and got to work in order to free him.

Just thinking that the poor animal was suffering from the chains digging deeper and deeper into his flesh was unbearable for the volunteer of the Four Paws organization in Romania.

The chain had already penetrated deeply into the horse's skin and had caused severe cuts. His health was also deteriorating rapidly.

Source: YouTube/Four Paws International

Source: YouTube/Four Paws International

It really was a stroke of good luck for the animal to find someone like Rosu, the veterinarian was able to remove the chains without causing further damage.

Once awake, the animal reacted as only they know: approaching his savior to make him a gesture of affection and gratitude.


And there was no doubt that he knew who the hero who had freed him was. To give thanks he suddenly gave a kiss, a little wet, to Ovidiu.

According to Four Paws International, the horse has been marked so that it can be identified in the future if it ever becomes chained again.

On another occasion, Ovidiu also decided to participate in the rescue of a mare that had a very tight chain around her head and putting at risk the health of one of her eyes.

Source: YouTube/Four Paws International

Source: YouTube/Four Paws International


The liberation process that Rosu led was captured in a video. It is clearly seen how the chain that was dangerously embedded in her head, had generated serious lacerations on her face and near one of her eyes.

Once the chain had been removed, the doctor proceeded to clean the mare's wounds and observe its evolution over the next few days to ensure that everything was fine. The good news is that the quadruped recovered quickly and was able to continue her happy life without pain.

This reminds us of the moving story of a woman walking on the beach with her horse when the animal suddenly got stuck in the mud. The owner never separated from the side of her horse despite being trapped for more than three hours. Definitely, a heartbreaking story.

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