Tika Sumpter melts hearts with rare photos of daughter, 2, wearing 'Moana' costume for Halloween

Actress and model Tika Sumpter, best known for her role on “The Haves and the Have Nots,” took to Instagram to share a collage of photos of her daughter in her Halloween costume.

In the post, two-year-old Ella-Loren appeared wearing a colorful dress while holding a wooden paddle just like the one Moana, from the Disney movie, used. Apart from that, the toddler put on the necklace that the character always wears.

All four photos showed her in different poses, but they all showed just how happy and excited Ella was for portraying one of the most loving Disney characters in recent time.


As soon as Tika uploaded that collage, her followers took to the comment section to share their thoughts. Most of them praised Ella’s beauty saying that she is as gorgeous as her famous mother.


Ella was born on October 8, 2016. Her father is actor Nicholas James, who also works in “The Haves and the Have Nots.” One of the most striking aspects of her pregnancy was that she kept it a secret for a long time.

Addressing the reason why she chose to keep the baby news under the wrap, Tika said,

“She's my first child, and I wanted to experience every moment of this pregnancy for myself and enjoy it without everybody else being in it with me.”


Soon after the actress gave birth to Ella, little-to-nobody out of Tika’s friends and family knew who the father was. However, in June 2017, the actress uploaded a photo on Instagram showing Nick holding the child and saying that her daughter was lucky she had him as a father.

“I could not have asked for a funnier, more present and loving partner. Thanks daddy for sending me a good one,” wrote Tika in the caption.


Unfortunately, a Twitter user who goes by @thej_miles was making fun of Tika and Nick's relationship as he uploaded a photo of a young actor named Nicholas James. According to the user, he was Tika’s partner. Not only that user thought it was funny because he looked young, but also because he is white. 

However, before the misunderstanding got worse, Tika herself replied to that tweet pointing out that the young actor in that photo was not her partner.

Apart from that, she made sure to say that the man of the photo looked “super sweet” and even tell the user that he should “do better.” Attached to the tweet, Tika shared a recent image of herself and her fiancée.

In it, the man was posing with no shirt on while looking directly at the camera. Tika appeared placing her nose on his cheek as if she was about to kiss him, proving that their relationship is strong and that nobody could damage it. 

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