Woman hilariously hand models her cousin's engagement ring in viral proposal photo

Claudine Varela
Nov 07, 2018
07:23 A.M.
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A couple's proposal photo isn't what it seems. A behind-the-scenes look at how it was taken reveals a third person's hand standing in for the bride-to-be's.  Find out the story behind this hilarious viral photo. 


Just as a man plans the perfect proposal, the bride-to-be could only hope she’s prepared for the photos that follow their engagement. This is a hilarious story of a proposal photo gone viral. It shows the lengths a future bride would go to make sure the announcement of her engagement is nothing less than ideal. 



Like most engagements, Diana was caught by surprise when her boyfriend popped the question. He proposed during what she thought was a celebration for his parents’ wedding anniversary. Diana organized the affair so when the engagement finally happened, she was far from prepared. Diana realized her hands weren’t ready for the photos that would capture her ring on her finger. Being a nurse, her nails were due for a manicure and she didn’t want to feature them when announcing her engagement to the world on social media. 


To solve her problem, she grabbed the most beautifully manicured hand she could find in the party – her cousin Jenna’s. She pretended it was hers when she posed for the commemorative engagement snap.


The photo proved to be a success. But what gained more attention were the photos Jenna posted revealing how she took part in the epic shot. 

“My cousin’s boyfriend proposed to her but she didn’t have her nails done lmao,” Jenna wrote. She shared two photos - the official engagement photo and the behind-the-scenes pic. In the image capturing reality, she’s hiding behind her cousin and extending her hand to make it look like Diana’s in the official picture. The post was viewed more than 650,000 times giving online users a pleasant laugh. 

This story should teach would-be male proposers to choose a day when their girlfriends’ nails are perfectly manicured. 


Meanwhile, a man who planned his perfect proposal didn’t anticipate that the old man he assigned to take a video of the moment wasn’t exactly tech-savvy. Christopher met 71-year-old John at the Sandia Peak Tramway where he intended to propose to his girlfriend. After getting acquainted, Christopher revealed his plans to John. Right before the proposal, the groom-to-be handed his phone to the old man to take a video of it. Christopher didn’t realize John was clueless about the two-way camera of cellphones. Instead of taking a video of the proposal, it was John’s reaction the whole time that was captured by the phone’s selfie mode. Christopher may have failed to document his proposal but John’s reaction to it on video was just as priceless.