Woman caught in viral video brazenly stealing at a party

Mary Scott
Nov 06, 2018
03:07 P.M.
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A woman has been caught on camera stealing numerous items at a party. The police have declared her wanted, but internet users are divided over whether the incident is real or staged. See for yourself and decide.


In a series of clips that have now gone viral, the woman is sitting at a table with other people at the party. She sneaks a bottle of water into a bag held to the side and soon follows with a white tablet.

When a woman sitting next to her gives her a suspicious look, the woman pulls a straight face and starts dancing to loud music playing in the background.

Not for long though, because immediately the skeptical woman turns away, the suspect resumes her thieving spree. It’s so ridiculous that she even goes for a pack of toothpicks.

Still stuffing her bag full of stolen items, she reaches for the faux bouquet on the large table, a placeholder, bottle of wine, and a red plastic cup.



While the alleged theft is going on, everyone at the table shoots her hostile stares, but none do anything to stop her.

The woman in question is wearing the same colorful fabric and white headgear seen on other party guests, implying that it is an “aso-ebi.”

The Yoruba people in Nigeria are known for their uniform wears at special occasions, and even though this woman’s identity is not ascertained, she is thought to be Yoruba. The party also reportedly took place in Nigeria.



The Assistant Commissioner of Police in Lagos, Abayomi Shogunle, shared the videos on his Twitter page and wrote:

“WANTED PERSON. Please help me find this Yoruba woman. If your tip leads to her apprehension, I have a cash reward for you.”

Many social media users have however been arguing over the authenticity of the video. Some say her acts were too blatant for people around her not to notice and raise the alarm.

Others have also attacked Shogunle over his use of the term “Yoruba Woman” since the woman is yet to be identified. They are also angry with the manner in which he personalized the arrest.



Meanwhile, only last year, footage of a Nigerian lady stealing meat at a party in Italy went viral. This time, the lady was supported by her white lover.


A party guest sitting behind the couple filmed as the man passed a bag to his partner who stuffed it with pieces of meat from a tray beside her.


A 2017 theft, however, took a different turn after police officers realized the thief stole food from a grocery store to feed her children who had not eaten for three days.

The North Carolina cops, Senior Corporal Keith Bradshaw and Officer First Class Candace Spragins had gone to arrest the woman, and when they saw her situation, decided to buy her and her children $140 worth of groceries.


The story went viral, and the officers were praised for their kindness and compassion, BBC reports.