Boy's reaction to girl getting her period on a bus went viral

Aby Rivas
Nov 07, 2018
03:19 A.M.

Not all heroes wear capes, and the actions of a teenage boy that came to his classmate’s rescue when she got her period on the school bus have made him go viral, even though both teenagers remain anonymous.

Source: Shutterstock

Source: Shutterstock

A grateful mother took to the

Facebook group The Gurgaon Moms to share the heartwarming story of how her daughter was saved from public embarrassment by a stranger from her high school. A screenshot of her post can be seen below.

The woman explained in her post that her daughter was going home from school on the bust when her she got her period. Now, women from all ages know that there’s nothing more mortifying and embarrassing that getting your period in public. Women live in fear of that nightmare coming true because certain parts of society still deem periods as a taboo subject.


However, one teenage boy showed his maturity when he approached the girl, who’s a grade under him, and whispered in her ear that she had stained the back of her pants. He offered her his sweater so she could tie it around her waist to cover the stain, but the girl, embarrassed, didn’t want to accept the offer at first.

To which the boy replied:

"It's okay; I have sisters. It's all good!"


The grateful mother concluded the post by writing: "If you are this boy's Mom, I want to say thank you and that you are raising him right!"

The post was also shared on Reddit, where it received 19,810 points in just two days and soon gained traction from women from all across the globe.

A user known as Cowsniffer said:

“Whenever I read this kind of stories I feel that kids these days are more mindful than we are. As a kid, I probably wouldn't have even noticed, let alone know what to do in that sort of situation.”

To which other user replied:

“Are you kidding me? Kids notice a LOT. And good on the young man for having the maturity and empathy to offer up a sweater to the girl.”



On a similar note, another young boy is stealing hearts all over the internet after he went the extra mile to brighten the day of his new friend, who had been bullied by a group of girls.

A girl from El Paso, Texas, recently moved to a new school and it was hard for her to make friends. Even though she was putting all her effort on being nice to everyone, only one little boy from her class had been kind enough to start a real friendship with her.

Source: Facebook/clarice.tinsley

Source: Facebook/clarice.tinsley

One day, the girl was bullied by some other girls at school, and as soon as she got home, she called her new friend to tell him all about it. The boy tried to cheer her up on the phone but then got a better idea.


With the help of his mother, Ruby Jimenez, the boy went all the way to his friend’s house, and once outside he serenaded her with Bruno Mars’ “Count On Me.” The boy sang along using his mom’s car stereo system, as the girl smiled shyly on the sidewalk of her house.

Source: Facebook/ruby.jimenez.7758

Source: Facebook/ruby.jimenez.7758

As the song ended, the kids sealed the moment with a tight embrace and massive smile on their faces.

“Best friend was feeling down and this just happened,” Jimenez captioned the video shared on Facebook, which has earned more than 100k views and comments from people all over the world.

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