Video shows little dog in a state of fear after owner painted him for a Halloween festival

Aby Rivas
Nov 07, 2018
02:18 A.M.

The owner of Valentino, a Chihuahua dog from Yucatán in Mexico, thought it was a good idea to dress her dog as an “alebrije,” a mythical creature from the Mexican culture. However, the way in which she executed her idea earned her critics from people all over social media.

 Source: Facebook/Reporteros Hoy

Source: Facebook/Reporteros Hoy

A video recorded by an onlooker at the “Canine Festival of Terror,” an event organized at the Americas park to celebrate the Day of the Dead and Halloween, shows several dogs rocking different costumes. From mommies, vampires, witches and other classic Halloween costumes, the pups looked adorable as they hang out around the park with their owners and furry friends.

However, one dog, in particular, caught everyone’s attention. A little Chihuahua named Valentino became the embodiment of an “alebrije,” but animal lovers condemned his owner for using paint directly on his fur instead of a garment, like the rest of the dog owners did.

 Source: Facebook/Reporteros Hoy

Source: Facebook/Reporteros Hoy


The small dog looked terrified in the video, trembling and looking alarmed at the camera while the man behind it admired its body, painted with different colors and patterns. The dog even had a pair of wings on his back to complete the look.

When asked about the inspiration behind her pet’s costume, the owner proudly announced that, since Disney’s animated movie “Coco” was being screened later that day, she thought it would be a great idea to make Valentino look like one of the characters in the movie.


“He is very noble, and he likes it," the woman replied when asked if it was hard to get the dog still to put all that paint on him.

The video caused outrage among social media users, who were quick to fill the video’s comment section with their thoughts on the woman’s actions:

“THIS IS ANIMAL CRUELTY!!! It should be stopped. That poor little dog is afraid as hell. That’s just heartbreaking. Everyone that calls itself an animal friend should see that.DISGUSTING.”

 Source: Facebook/Reporteros Hoy

Source: Facebook/Reporteros Hoy

“This is stupid and cruel! Imagine you cover your own child with all this paint! They are not your toys! The paint will harm them! And can you see how scared the puppy is! I hope the one who did it will get his/ her own karma!”


“No Common Sense to spray so many coloring onto the dog, these chemical is toxic to the skin, and the dog is shaking and freaking out!”


On a similar case of animal abuse involving paint, volunteers at the KC Pet Project were faced with the difficult task of removing latex paint from the bodies of four adorable puppies.

According to The Dodo, police officers had been called for a domestic violence incident where a man was threatening to harm the puppies. But by the time they arrived, he had already dumped a jug of paint over the puppies.


The paint was already drying in thick layers, so the staff at the shelter had no other option but to shave the 8-weeks-old pups’ fur, to avoid using chemicals on their tiny bodies.

After hours of work, the four siblings were finally free from most of the paint. They were also named after four famous painters, of course: Pablo Picasso, Frida Kahlo, Banksy, and Jackson Pollock.

A few weeks later the pups were adopted into different homes.

Source: The Dodo

Source: The Dodo

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