Police dad does his daughter's hair in heartwarming video that went viral

Monica Otayza
Nov 09, 2018
06:06 A.M.
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People often think that "girlier" tasks such as fixing their daughters' hairstyles should be something moms should be doing, but these adorable dads prove that there is nothing wrong with fixing their daughter's hair. This police officer made sure to do his very best in trying to fix her daughter's hair, and the video went viral. 


It's always been the stigma - moms do the girly stuff, dads do the boyish stuff with their daughters and sons. However, now that the worldview on gender roles has changed, it has become widely accepted for men to do the girlier tasks such as fixing their daughters' hair. In fact, we've seen the manliest people try to put in some effort just to make their daughters happy, some even going to cosmetology school just to learn a thing or two about styling. 


Even NFL players, particularly Benjamin Watson, DeAngelo Williams, and Jason Witten have eased up on their manly images to spend some time with their daughters in a new Pantene campaign entitled "Strong Is Beautiful", where they had to do "Dad-do's", or their own style on their daughters. 


The dads had to do classic hairstyles on their kids, particularly pigtails and braids, and it was not only so charming to see, but heartwarming as well. 

On another note, a police officer has made viral rounds online for doing his daughter's hair before heading to work, adorably brushing it neatly while he spoke to his daughter. When he was done fixing her hair, he took the camera and showed off his beautiful daughter, making everyone check out her cute floral dress. 

"Miriam Rivera: Great job dad and thanks for keeping us safe officer."


"Roger Z Placido: Brings back memories. I use too do just that for my daughter. Especially when my wife would work on weekends or night shift .oh by the way great job dad keep it up ."

"Shirley Celaya: Hero for us mostly hero for his girl!"

People on the internet made sure to praise the dad for what he did, noting that sometimes it doesn't hurt to take some time to spend time with their children, no matter what it is they are doing.