Real reason Princess Diana kept her head down and seemed ‘sulky,’ as told in her own words

21 years after her death, Princess Diana's diffident attitude is explained.

The first time the public set eyes on the Prince of Wales' young fiancee, all were struck by her shy demeanor.

The Lady Diana Spencer was just 19, and even though she belonged to an aristocratic English family, she was unused to the public's attention, reported The Mirror on November 8, 2018.

The young nursery school teacher was nicknamed 'Shy Di' due to her habit of ducking her head when she was photographed and looking up at the camera though here bangs.

"When I first arrived on the scene I'd always put my head down. Now that I interpret it, that did look sulky. I've never sulked. I've been terrified out of my tiny little mind."

Princess Diana, The Mirror on November 8, 2018.


The true reason for her apparently "sulky" attitude has been revealed by Andrew Morton, the author of Princess Diana's biography: "Diana: Her True Story - In Her Own Words."

In a series of intimate interviews, Princess Diana opened up to Morton and shared her innermost secrets.


Diana confided in Morton that she had found the transition from a normal life to one lived under the avid scrutiny of the press, and the public overwhelming and frightening.


Diana had just turned 20 when she married the Heir to the British throne, and suddenly the world was in love with the shy young woman with the sweet smile and the deep blue eyes. Everywhere she went she was followed by dozens of photographers.


The Princess revealed to Morton that it took her years to get used to the attention and to learn how to turn it to her advantage, and direct public attention to the causes she defended, like the Landmine Survivors Network, and organizations that work to help people suffering from leprosy and AIDS.

After 15 years of marriage, the Royal fairytale ended in divorce, but the world's interest in the Princess of the People was unrelenting. More photographers followed Diana than ever before, and there was no-where she could escape their notice.

Princess Diana died killed in a car crash in the Pont de l'Alma tunnel in Paris while being pursued by paparazzi on motorbikes on August 31, 1997, at the age of 36. 

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Diana first met the Prince of Wales when she was 16 in November 1977. The Prince was dating her older sister, Lady Sarah Spencer.

Lady Sarah was a strikingly attractive red-head, and the relationship appeared to be developing. The blossoming romance came to an abrupt end when Lady Sarah gave an interview to the Mirror's James Whittaker in which she spoke of the Prince.

Sarah spoke openly of the relationship and declared that she would not marry Charles "if he were the dustman or the King of England".

Four years later, her younger sister Diana walked down the aisle at Westminister Abbey to become the Princess of Wales.

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