Ice-T's oldest daughter is a 42-year-old TV host & has grown children of her own

Most people don't realize that even at 60-years-old, Ice-T already has a 42-year-old daughter, and grown children of her own.

In 1976, Ice-T and his ex-girlfriend Adrienne gave birth to their eldest daughter, Letesha Marrow. At the time, the singer was only 18-years-old. While the singer and his girlfriend eventually split up and went their separate ways, they found ways to co-parent their children and make sure they were raised well despite them having kids early. 

Now that Letesha is 42-years-old, her proud dad recalls how he had no problem with his eldest daughter Letesha growing up. According to e-celebrity mirror, Ice-T even revealed that it helped that his daughters grew up in a family that has backgrounds linked to a mob because people know that they should definitely not mess with you. 

Just like her famous father, Letesha made a name for herself in the entertainment industry and has been part of reality TV and of radio. Currently, she is the host and Chief Executive Officer of "T-Tea-V Behind the Scenes", and part-time as an assistant director.

Letesha has a son named Elyjah Marrow, who in 2014 was accused of killing his roommate. He was arrested in Georgia over manslaughter charges when a gun "accidentally" went off. 

His roommate, Daryus Johnson, was already unconscious when the police arrived, and later on, died from the injuries he suffered.

The then-19-year-old not only faced manslaughter charges, but also possession of marijuana, and a stolen gun. 

Police reported that Marrow was "recklessly" handling the gun before it went off and killed his roommate. 

"Marrow was not using proper firearms safety when handling the gun."

Now, he is 23-years-old and has been off to college just like any other young adult. 

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