Woman shed more than 200 lbs through diet alone after she was given 1 year to live

A once-morbidly obese woman named Maxine Wren stunned people from all over the world when she shed more than 200 pounds by trying to live much healthier than she used to. This change in perspective occurred when she was told that she only had a year to live given her condition. 

However, she was determined to keep living and decided that she wanted to lose weight the right way. That was when Maxine Wren, residing in Chester-le-Street in County Durham, chose to enroll in a gym, and follow a strict diet. Since then, she has dropped 13 dress sizes. 

Five years ago, Maxine was given a stark prognosis and was prescribed slimming pills and a gastric bypass operation. While she was already considering this, she found out a month later that her sister was expecting a baby, and that undergoing a risky surgery might not be the best idea, considering she'd want to help raise her sister's baby. She decided not to push through with it as, according to The Daily Mail UK, she could "die on the operating table". 

Instead, she chose to join her local Slimming World branch in 2013 and has since then been able to lose 13 dress size-worth of weight. 

Maxine's weight has been a problem for her since childhood after she was born with a rare bone disease called "Blount's disease" which affects her mobility. Her heavy weight also adds to her struggle, and it was often impossible for her to walk without crutches. 

Due to her disappointment of not being able to live normally due to her weight, she ended up stress eating for years. When she realized it was time to switch to a healthy lifestyle, she tried to follow all the diets that have worked for others, including calorie-controlled shakes and even slimming clubs, but it was just not working for her. 

In the end, it was joining the Slimming World group that successfully changed her life for good. Now, Maxine is able to do many things that she could only dream of doing before, and it was all because of the hard work and dedication she put into her diet and fitness regimen. 

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