Expert claims to have 'proof' that Adolf Hitler fled to Argentina

An investigative journalist suggests that there may be an alternative theory regarding how the Second World War came to its end.

In a report from Unilad, author and filmmaker Gerrard Williams opened up about the evidence he gathered, which suggest Adolf Hitler might have lived for 16 more years even after the war.

Williams’ ideas contradict the popular historical notion that Hitler died by suicide at the end of World War II. He is believed to have shot himself to death in the depths of Berlin’s Fuhrerbunker as Soviet Red Army invaded the city.

The journalist and filmmaker explained that he has received several death threats in the wake of his findings. He assumes the threats might have come from shamed Nazi sympathizers and exam boards who are reluctant on changing the syllabus.

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The first point in the history books that Williams likes to contradict with is the bodies of Hitler and wife Eva Braun being burned to ashes with petrol.

Williams argues that it requires a temperature of around 3,000 degree Celsius in crematorium to actually turn a human body into ashes. So he deemed it quite impossible.

“When the Russians arrive they find no bodies like this. They do a bit later, funnily enough, but they don’t find any bodies at the time, and the BBC reporter, Thomas Cadet, who’s there says the Russians have been given no bodies [sic] that they believe to be Adolf Hitler,” Williams told Unilad.

Additionally, he also argued that there is no mention of Eva Braun at all by the Russians and the BBC reporter.

Source: YouTube/Unilad

Source: YouTube/Unilad

Williams then mentioned an account of Hitler fleeing Germany via plane as provided by pilot Peter Baumgart. The pilot was later arrested but he has provided his war history and explained that he flew Hitler and Eva to Tonder in Denmark.

He admitted that he saw them board another plane to Reus, which is just outside Barcelona. As General Franco of Spain sympathized with Nazi-led Germany, he supplied Hitler with an aircraft of Spanish Air Force that flew them to Fuerteventura, and then to Villa Winter.

Source: YouTube/Unilad

Source: YouTube/Unilad

From there, they boarded a convoy of three submarines and got to the coast of Argentina. In Argentina, Hitler eventually died on February 13, 1962, after a series of heart attacks, Williams suggested.

Williams also explained that the reason Hitler chose to flee to Argentina was that South America had helped Nazism to survive in its initial stages. So, when the regime was on the verge of its fall, it turned to the very nation which may help them regroup.

There have been several alternative theories about Hitler and his life. Back in 2016, another report also came out claiming that Hitler lived up to 95 years of age with his Brazilian lover.

Hitler is one of the most controversial historical figures, and even the mere appearance of him can cause huge commotion till today. Previously, a man from Kentucky has had to apologize for dressing up his son as Hitler for Halloween.

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