Serena Williams' husband shares adorable snaps of making pancakes for curly-haired baby daughter

Mary Scott
Nov 12, 2018
08:20 P.M.
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Alexis Ohanian is the perfect Papa Bear as he made pancakes for him and Serena Williams’ cute tot, Olympia Ohanian.


The tech mogul and co-founder of Reddit took to Twitter to show off the result of his hard work. He shared two photos- the first showed his pancakes in the pan, and the second showed little miss Olympia sitting in her high chair and munching on bite-sized pancake pieces.


In the caption, Alexis, 35, declared himself to be the “Pancake papa” and added that Olympia approves of his skills. “Sundays are the best days,” he finished.

Serena was not pictured in the adorable shots, but the tennis champion has always been open about the challenges that come with being a mom.


Apart from detailing her health problems and the complications that came with Olympia’s birth, she also shares day-to-day moments that every mother can relate to.

Last month, Serena showed her Instagram followers what it looks like to have Olympia turn their living room into a playroom. Standing in the toy-strewn room with her hands up in surrender, the 23-time Grand Slam singles winner wrote:

“Sometimes I have to throw my hands up in the air. #thismama used to have a living room. Now I just have a playroom. When did that happen?”


Speaking recently to thousands of women at the Pennsylvania Conference for Women in Center City, Philadelphia, Serena decried the lack of adequate health care especially for black mothers in America:

“I did some research and I was alarmed that our black mothers are not being taken care of in this country that is supposed to be technologically advanced. I was really fortunate because I had an opportunity for my voice to be heard. I had a wonderful female doctor who listened to me. We all need to be listened to, especially during dire circumstances.”


She also raved about her husband, recalling the time he surprised her with a reassuring message on billboards.

“When I first came back to tennis, the very first tournament that I came back to involves this really long drive to get to there. So, [my husband] got billboards and he put up ‘Greatest Momma’ on them. It was so sweet,” said Serena. “I always have these insecurities that I’m not good enough as a mom. …He wanted to assure me that I was doing a good job.”


In October, to celebrate reaching 10 million followers on Instagram, Serena posted a photo of her and one-year-old Olympia enjoying a playdate in the latter’s sandbox.

Despite the stress that comes with being a mom, an athlete, and an entrepreneur, Serena is first to insist that:

“It is the challenge that makes it fun!”