Black woman suffers a punctured lung after getting stabbed in alleged racist subway attack

Claudine Varela
Nov 14, 2018
11:26 A.M.

A black woman is stabbed by a white guy at a subway station and is left with a punctured lung. The attack, believed to be racially motivated, is raising questions following an investigation.


Ann Marie Washington was on her way home from work when she was attacked by a racist man at a subway station in Brooklyn.


Washington had just gotten off the Q train at Church Avenue when a white man she described as “well-groomed” moved towards her. Suddenly, the man yelled “Black [expletive]!” before she felt blows on her face and back. A woman intervened to help but the suspect fought her and escaped by boarding a southbound Q train.


Washington, who crumpled to the ground, didn’t realize the severity of her injury until the next morning. She refused medical attention that night thinking she only had a cut on her lip. However, when she woke up the next morning, she discovered blood on her pillow and she felt like vomiting. It was then that she realized she’d been stabbed apart from being punched on the mouth and back.

Her roommate called 911 and soon, she was rushed to King’s County Hospital. She was diagnosed with a collapsed lung.



The incident is currently under investigation by the NYPD’s Hate Crime Task Force. With Washington’s assistance, they have a sketch of the white man suspected to be in his 30’s who’s now wanted for attempted homicide.

Brooklyn officials raised further questions regarding the events that transpired. They wondered why the station attendant gave permission for the Q train to leave with the suspect on board and why he escaped upon disembarking without any alerts.

Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams said,

“The train would have been held and the person would have been apprehended.”

Adams also questioned why Washington was left to walk home by herself that night, without any police escort and unaware of the gravity of her injury.



Washington is currently at the hospital and may stay for weeks, according to her daughter, Itisha Washington. Though she’s breathing on her own now, her daughter is more concerned about the psychological implications of the attack.

“She will recover, but I’m more concerned about the psychological toll it will take on her,” she says.

“My mom was punched all over her body, back, chest, head, face.”

“She was stabbed by a pointy object. We don't know what it was. It could have been an ice pick of some sort.”

Police have released the sketch of Washington’s assailant who’s still out there.



Racially motivated offenses aren't new to subway stations. A similar occurrence happened to a 63-year-old Asian man. He was on a Manhattan-bound F subway train when a Hispanic man sat next to him and asked him to go back to his own country. Upon disembarking from the train, the man further assaulted him by spitting on him and punching him several times all over his face and shoulders. He was left with a bleeding mouth and bruises on his cheek and jaw.



Meanwhile, words can just be as hurtful as physical jabs when tarnished with racism. An old woman experienced this firsthand while on board Ryanair and seated next to a racist man. Delsie Gayle was traveling home from a vacation with her daughter after suffering the loss of her husband. Gayle was seated next to a man who refused to sit next to her. The man called her an "ugly black [expletive]" and "stupid old cow" while trying to force her out of her seat. The incident was caught on video and while it put the man in a bad light, it left Gayle in shock and caused her sleepless nights. Gayle couldn't understand how one man could have so much hate towards her just because of the color of her skin. It's a sad reality.

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