Michelle Obama reveals the romantic story of how Barack Obama proposed to her

Claudine Varela
Nov 15, 2018
04:42 A.M.
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In her latest memoir, Michelle Obama opens up the night her husband "baited" her into marrying him. 


Michelle Obama’s latest memoir, “Becoming” is now a hot topic everywhere. Day after day since its release, a new revelation unfolds as many begin to appreciate her book and the stories she tells. The latest story to make the rounds in the internet revolves around the day her husband proposed to her. Michelle reveals, “he baited me.”



A marriage proposal was farthest from Michelle’s mind when her husband, Barack Obama decided to get down on one knee. In fact, she recalls in her book that it all started with them arguing over their differences in opinion about marriage. The couple was having dinner celebrating Barack taking the bar exam when the discussion ensued. She writes,

"As we were reaching the end of the meal, Barack smiled at me and raised the subject of marriage. He reached for my hand and said that as much as he loved me with his whole being, he still didn't really see the point. Instantly, I felt the blood rise in my cheeks.”


At that point, Michelle got all riled up and began to argue with Barack. She described the scene as a back and forth between two lawyers who “counterpunched, dissected and cross-examined.” She was making a case in favor of tying the knot while he shut down the idea. She noted that it was her who did most of the talking. 

Michelle’s point to Barack was, 

"If we're committed, why wouldn't we formalize that commitment? What part of your dignity would be sacrificed by that?"



But she would later learn that the argument was all part of Barack’s greater plan to ask her to marry him. He wanted her all riled up to sweeten the surprise. Describing the moments that led to the proposal, she wrote,

"Eventually, our waiter came around holding a dessert plate, covered by a silver lid. He slid it in front of me and lifted the cover. I was almost too miffed to even look down, but when I did, I saw a dark velvet box where the chocolate cake was supposed to be. Inside was a diamond ring. Barack looked at me playfully. He'd baited me. It had all been a ruse.”

Michelle’s anger soon dissipated and turned into “joyful shock.” It didn't take long before Barack made his move. She said, he “got down on one knee and with an emotional hitch in his voice asked sincerely if I'd please do him the honor of marrying him."


We all know her answer to that which led them to decades of marital bliss.



As sweet as Barack's marriage proposal was, this was allegedly not his first. In fact, before he met Michelle, he had already proposed marriage twice to one woman. Her name was Sheila Miyoshi Jager and she was White. In the book, "Rising Star," written by David J. Garrow, the author claimed Jager turned down Barack twice despite still seeing each other during the first year of Barack’s relationship with Michelle. The pair reportedly fell in love in the 80’s and even lived together. However, Obama’s political ambitions put a strain in their relationship. Despite his efforts to marry her, she turned him down and they eventually parted ways.

This story was omitted from Barack’s own biography, “Dreams of My Father.” In the book, Jager was merely mentioned as one of the white women he dated. It’s unclear if Garrow’s claims are true since neither Barack nor Michelle responded to them.



This tale doesn’t change the fact that the former White House residents are meant for each other. Last month, they celebrated their 26th anniversary and their tributes were as romantic as the night of their engagement. Barack described his wife as his “favorite person to see the world with” while Michelle thanked him for being “a treasure” in her life.