Bride took revenge on cheating bridegroom by burning his house down and watching it turn to ashes

Pedro Marrero
Nov 15, 2018
05:46 P.M.

A woman sets fire to her former lover's house for canceling the wedding only a week before the ceremony.


Catherine Jarvis is a 54-year-old Briton who was about to marry her partner Colin Jarvis, 55 years old. But the boyfriend ended up canceling the wedding plans, something that she did not take very well; she acted with reprisals and burned down his home.

The police opened an investigation, and the woman was arrested. Undoubtedly, this was a love story that did not end with a happy ending.

Catherine and Colin were a couple who had more than two years together, they had even engaged and had an official date to celebrate the wedding. But that day never came. Read more on our Twitter account @amomama_usa.


Mr. Jarvis confesses that he decided to end the relationship since she had become a very violent and abusive person.

"We were going to get married, I canceled it. That's what triggered everything. We had been together for about two years or so, committed for about 12 months," Jarvis said.



However, The Sun claimed that the real reason why the 55-year-old wanted to cancel the wedding was because he wanted to start a new relationship with a woman he was meeting, something that Catherine had previously discovered.


The man lived in an apartment located in Kingskerswell, so the fire came to affect some parts of the main building.



According to the police statements, the woman was watching as the flames were spreading through the entire property of her former lover.

By the time authorities arrived, she was still there, which facilitated her immediate arrest. An investigation was opened, but as she denied having committed the crime, the case was closed.




But Colin's persistence was greater, since he found some evidence that incriminated her, which helped to finally be declared guilty.

Catherine at the last minute came to confess her guilt, receiving a sentence of 21 months, but was suspended, receiving as sole penance the payment of 3,000 pounds for damages and 150 hours of unpaid work.


In another story that demonstrates what pain and betrayal can cause in emotions; a married woman wanted to teach her cheating husband and his mistress a lesson, so she confronted them with a baseball bat in the middle of the street.

The incident was caught on video by some witnesses and shared by Impacto News in their Instagram account on November 6, where it has been viewed more than 44.000 times and liked by more than 1.000 users.

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