106-year-old woman celebrated birthday at her favorite Taco Bell restaurant

When Myrtis Jewel Painter turned 106, she instantly knew where she wanted to celebrate the special occasion – at her favorite Taco Bell restaurant.

The Arizona grandmother indulged in good Mexican food with four generations of her family at a Taco Bell in Phoenix, as reported by CBS News.

She didn’t have to think twice where to celebrate her 106th birthday as the restaurant has been her favorite for years.

“Oh, I think Taco Bell is a good place to come to,” she said when asked why she chose to celebrate her birthday at the restaurant. Mexican pizza and tacos are her favorite foods.

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Greg Gladden, owner of the restaurant, said he was amazed by the old woman’s spirit.

YouTube/CBS News

YouTube/CBS News

“It was four years ago, she come walking in when she was 102,” he recalled. “And they’d come and eat tacos. And yeah, you’d greet them at the door, you’d give them hugs and then they come sit down. We talk to them. And now she’s 106 and still walking in the door.

Painter was happy to reach 106, but it also comes with challenges. “What’s it like to be 106? I don’t walk as good,” she said.

YouTube/CBS News

YouTube/CBS News

The centenarian was born in east Texas in 1912 and moved to Phoenix in 1932 where she met and married her husband. Together, they run a family shoe business for years.

A popular American chain of fast food restaurants, Taco Bell serves more than 2 billion customers each year at 7,000 restaurants.


In another similar and heartwarming story, a woman decided to celebrate her 100th birthday in Disney World.

Born in 1918 in Tuczon, Arizona, Becky Arinco embraced her inner child and celebrated the day she became centenarian in the world’s “happiest place.”

Arinco was five years old when Walt and Roy Disney founded their company in 1923. She was one of the first children to join the Mickey Mouse Club and she still has her original membership token.

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