Family's beloved dog dies after eating sausages with a huge amount of rat poison

A German shepherd named Battz passed away after eating sausages that were believed to have been laced with rat poison. The dog’s owner and her family were very devastated.

Kim Unitt from Cornwall, England said the sausages were found in their garden. Supposedly, Battz found the processed meat and scarfed it down not realizing it was filled with poison.

By the time Unitt headed to the garden, the 18-month-old dog already ate too many sausages.

Not long after, Battz collapsed. Unitt called a vet, but it was too late. Battz had already died.

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Speaking with Pirate FM, Unitt explained that the vet believes the dog swallowed enough poison to kill an elephant.

For the outraged owner, she said her pet was targeted because of jealousy.

"I think it was someone jealous of him. He was a cuddle monster, he wanted cuddles basically from everyone who came through the door, and he was just so loving I don't understand how anybody could have done this to him.”

Unitt warned other dog owners to be more aware of what their dogs are up to because she said there are “nasty people” out there. She encouraged owners to be more careful.

When Battz died, Unitt’s family took it hard. They were all upset, especially Unitt and her three children.

"He was my soulmate he was the one that got me up in the morning got me up and going, and now I'm left here with absolutely nothing at all. I basically don't want anyone else to lose their soulmate like I've lost mine,” she said.

Source: Facebook/ Julie Wharton

Source: Facebook/ Julie Wharton

Meanwhile, in another story, a dog also ate a sausage roll that was laced with poison. Although, this particular dog survived.

Source: Facebook/ Irish Mirror

Source: Facebook/ Irish Mirror

His owner, Catrina Edwardson, believed that the poisoning was done on purpose. Blitz was lucky that Edwardson was able to stop him from eating too much and immediately took him to the vet.

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