Groundshaking video of woman driving car through California inferno begging to get out of there

A young woman posted a video showing how she escaped from the deadly California wildfire as she drove through the flames and heat.

Flames and sparks were coming into contact with her car, but it did not stop Rebecca Hackett from driving past the Woolsey Fire in Malibu.

At the time, she had just left her ranch where her horses are kept.

Hackett shared the video on her Instagram page, recalling that she feared for her life as she held tightly on the steering wheel.

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Through tears, Hackett can be heard saying, "Oh my god, please god. Let me out of here."

The video started with her driving on the road. Just then, she drove through a tunnel, and it was when things became terrifying.

By the end of the tunnel, all that can be seen was orange. Flames, sparks, and smoke enveloped Hackett’s surroundings.

The video ended with the young woman pleading that she survived the journey. She was quick to alert her followers and let them know that she had escaped safely.

"I filmed this today when I was driving on Kanan in Malibu, leaving the barn, I barely made it out," she wrote on the caption.

She also reminded everyone to stay safe and pray for the people as well as the animals.

In an interview with ABC7, Hackett talked about the horrifying experience. She said, "I felt the strongest wind I ever felt in my life. The fire came so quickly. One minute it was calm and then suddenly they were on top of us, so we had to evacuate.”

She added that she drove through the flames for about two minutes. At that moment, she said she thought she was going to die.

The wildfires caused hundreds and thousands of people to evacuate their homes. With the increasing death toll, the wildfire disaster had already been ranked as the most lethal and destructive one in California’s history.

Meanwhile, this amazing father calmed her three-year-old daughter by singing to her as they escaped through the inferno.

The father was driving the car while his daughter was in the back seat. Of course, the little girl was scared, but the father did his best to comfort her as they flee the area.

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