Khloé Kardashian warms hearts with pic of her and baby True beaming & rocking bamboo hats in Bali

Khloé Kardashian has been gushing about her daughter True since she was born, and now that the baby is starting to show her joyful personality, Khloé can’t stop snapping lovely pics and sharing them on social media.

One of the most recent photos from their family escapade to Bali melted fans’ hearts all over Instagram.

In the pic, the mommy-daughter duo is sitting and wearing matching white outfits. The only splash of color in the pic is on the traditional conical bamboo hats that they’re rocking. While Khloé smiled to the camera, True stole the spotlight with a huge grin plastered on her baby face.

“This picture makes me smile seeing Trues beautiful face!! You are EVERYTHING to me sweet True smile today! It’s contagious,” the new mom captioned the adorable pic.

Fans couldn’t’ contain melting in the spot after seeing the picture, and they took to Khloé’s comment section to gush about how adorable and big baby True is getting.

“Omg what a happy, beautiful baby!!!” wrote one fan. Another added, “She is absolutely gorgeous, look at that smile!!” and a third one chimed in “I KNOW you just love her with your entire being. She’s such an adorable blessing.”


True recently turned 7-months-old, and she’s currently enjoying life with her mother in California while her, Tristan Thompson, is back in Cleveland.

Many rumors have surfaced about the state of Khloé’s and Tristan’s relationship these days. Sources close to the reality star told E! News that she’s still indecisive about where she stands with Tristan, and that’s one of the reasons why she decided to stay in L.A with her family.


Khloé has been open about her emotions while reliving on the screen of “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” the whole cheating scandal that erupted two days before she gave birth. She tweeted on November 4, where the first episode featuring the cheating scandal aired:

“Oh my God my heart is racing! So crazy how emotions never die! You may forgive, but forgetting is not possible #KUWTK.”

The Good American designer also explained that the reason she chose to focus on the positive and not let anything disrupt the birth of her daughter, is because she wanted True to have good memories from her birth, and that included having her father in the room.


One of the released clips from the series that has fans in stitches shows how, after Kris Jenner, Kim and Kourtney flew to Cleveland to be with Khloé, Kim was trying to avoid Tristan at all costs, even making funny “disgusted” faces at his back.

In another clip, a very frustrated Khloé looked tired and done with people after giving birth. She tells her sisters that everyone keeps writing her about “both things,” the cheating and True’s birth, and says she wishes people would leave her alone.

Kourtney then tries to explain that people just want Khloé to feel loved and supported, to which the star replies that she appreciates it, but is hard for her to process everything at once. And continued:

“It's also, everyone has their own [expletive] that I know nothing about, and mine is thrown on the public of everything, and it's just a lot harder to filter through stuff when it's this public and when I gave birth the following day. It's just too much.”

And while Khloé was calm and collected on the delivery room, she confessed on Twitter that Thompson was lucky she was nine months pregnant when she found out about the cheating, stating that she won’t say what she did, but luckily, the cameras weren’t there in Cleveland to witness it.

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