Michelle Obama stops hearts while showing off her natural curls on new 'Essence' cover

Michelle Obama proves she is the epitome of grace and natural beauty as she graced the cover of Essence magazine in just her natural curls. 

The former First Lady let her hair down for her Essence magazine cover, showing off her natural curls without any retouches, ironing, or editing. In the print media world, models are often seen with mega-polished hair, and that's something that seems to have been the norm through the years. 

However, Michelle Obama is here breaking stigmas yet again, showing off her naturally curly hair in the magazine cover. Essence magazine is known for its publication that revolves around black women and their day to day experiences, and it dates back to the 1970s. 

According to Joi-Marie McKenzie, the senior entertainment editor of the magazine, Essence was given the honor of having Michelle grace the cover showing off her pure self. 

According to the editor, fans of the magazine and of the former first lady may expect her to speak about her days in the White House, how she balanced her family life and career prior to her husband getting into politics, and about true love in the issue. Of course, trying to connect with her audience, her magazine cover also boasts of Mrs. Obama giving advice to readers about "finding your own Barack". 

Aside from her magazine cover that is set to hit newsstands in December, she is also busy promoting her memoir called "Becoming". The former first lady recently kicked off a 10-city tour for her new book, starting off in her hometown of Chicago. 

Along with Michelle, other stars including Sarah Jessica Parker, Oprah Winfrey, Reese Witherspoon, and Tracee Ellis Ross are set to join her on-stage different locations on the tour to further entice her target audience. 

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