Escort mother, 23, who hit her baby until he was brain damaged, awarded with $64 compensation

Jaimie-lee Prince
Nov 19, 2018
09:42 P.M.

An escort and mother who may be jailed for life for abusing her son received £50 ($64) in compensation last week.


Elizabeth Wilkins was verbally attacked and manhandled on September 21 during a courtroom lunch break.

According to Plymouth Live, the former law student returned to the stand without visible injury afterward. Follow us on Twitter for more @amomama.

Claire Moore, who lives in Headland Park, Greenbank was dragged to the city magistrates and pled guilty. The court charged her with assault against Wilkins.

Moore, 33, has to pay a fine of £40, a victim surcharge of £30, and compensation to Wilkins in the amount of £50. The exact nature of the assault was not detailed.


Judge Peter Johnson commented on the attacked:

“I am aware that at least one of you saw an incident at lunchtime, an appalling assault on Elizabeth Wilkins."

He continued:

“I think all of you are now aware of this outrageous act committed I think by a woman in drink against someone in the middle of their evidence.”

The judge commended barrister Piers Norsworthy who defended his client during the attack. Especially since it was in a popular street-drinking area.


In 2016, Wilkins was accused of causing serious harm to her three-month-old.

The former University of Plymouth student left her child with broken ribs, a bleeding brain, and a fractured skull when she hit his head repeatedly.

Wilkins attempted to condemn her ex-boyfriend and co-defendant Erick Vanselow. But her case against him fell through.

Vanselow, 30, was also charged with failure to protect his son for which he was acquitted. He and Wilkins had gone to the hospital together to have their son looked at after the incident.

Source: YouTube/ Taurean Reign Reloaded

Source: YouTube/ Taurean Reign Reloaded

The boy is expected to have long-term mental issues following the abuse. By court order, his name remains hidden from the public.


Wilkins advertised herself online as a "very sexually adventurous" escort. She charged between £95 to £850 for her services.

She was found guilty of the cruelty charged and will be sentenced on December 6.

Earlier this month, an escort agency in the UK tried to get mothers to join the business by parking outside a nursery.

The van featured an advertisement for "La Femme escorts." It remained outside Pagoda Arts center for two weeks.


Thereafter, Councillor Steve Munby had it removed after the Pagoda staff filed complaints. The staff and councilor believed the van had no other reason to be there except to gain new recruits.

Another story of a cruel mother came out of Porcupine, South Dakota in July 2016.

Source: YouTube/ WZDX News

30-year-old Katrin Shangreaux abused her two-year-old son Kylen to death by kicking and beating him in the abdomen and head.

The reason she gave to police was that the boy had wet his bed and gave her a "sideways look."

Kylen also called her "Angie," the name of his former carer and aunt. Angie took to Facebook to expressed her grief. "No one can ever take away our love," she said.


Source: YouTube/ WZDX News

The mother was jailed for 40 years. The father, James Shangreaux Sr., received time for abuse and neglect of his half-brother which led to his death in 2015.

Another woman received a 40-year sentence after she left her two children in a boiling hot bath.

Amanda Reyer, 25, pleaded guilty to the crime. She said it was punishment when her two and five-year-olds messed up the bed.

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