November 20, 2018

Incredible uses for Vicks VapoRub that few people know about

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As one of the most commonly found products in the American household, everyone is all too familiar with Vicks VapoRub. But there are several alternative uses of this product that very few know about.

Besides being one of the most effective and proven balms for relieving pains and aches, Vicks VapoRub has also several advantages.

According to Shared, the cooling ointment can also be used for other household purposes to solve many of our daily problems with ease and comfort.

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1. Training Pets


Since pets including cats and dogs hate the smell of this ointment, Vicks VapoRub can be used tactically to train these pets.


If your pets tend to relieve in few places that you don’t want them to, try leaving some VapoRub in that area. Since they hate its smell, they will know they have done something wrong because of the smell.

One can also apply the VapoRub on their favorite furniture, which the pets of the house often like to scratch. The smell of the ointment on the furniture would make these pets detest that particular location for scratching.

2. Foot Care


The ointment is extremely moisturizing and it is useful in healing the cracks of your heels. You can apply some VapoRub on your foot before going to bed. Then wash the feet with cold water the next morn and scrub away the dead skin.

3. Removing Acne


Applying a small amount of the ointment on acne before going to bed will help reduce and remove the pimples. Make sure to wash your face in the morning and repeat process for several days until the problem is solved.

4. Healing Bruises


Using salt along with the VapoRub to gently massage the area with the bruise will help heal the swelling of the skin. The bruise will also disappear in a few minutes.

5. Fading Wrinkles and Stretch Marks


Once you start using this ointment, the unwanted lines of wrinkles and stretch marks can disappear just within a couple of weeks.

Besides these uses, people are also known to have used this ointment for other purposes including losing weight, getting rid of bruises, and curing foot fungus.

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