'Did something bad': Chilling words of girl, 6, who strangled her baby brother in the car

A Texas man left his two children alone in the car and is now being charged with abandonment because his six-year-old daughter killed the baby. 

Texan Adrian Deshaun Middleton, 26, is facing charges of child abandonment after his one-year-old son was strangled to death by his six-year-old sister.

Middleton left his two young children alone in the car while he went shopping for clothes at the Family Thrift Store. He returned to find the baby dead at his sister's hands.

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Middleton told Police he had left the air conditioner running in the car, put on a movie in the DVD player and gave the children water and Cheetos.

He said he had been away from the car 30 to 45 minutes, and returned to find his daughter weeping.

She told him she'd done "something bad." Middleton saw that his son was unresponsive and called 911; he performed CPR on the baby until the paramedics arrived.

Middleton left his two young children alone in the car while he went shopping for clothes at the Family Thrift Store, and returned to find the baby dead at his sister's hands.


The six-year-old later told Police that her little brother wouldn't stop crying, and she had wrapped the seat belt around his neck to "make him stop."

When he grew quiet, she said that she believed that he had fallen asleep.


The unconscious baby was rushed to Texas Children’s Hospital, where he died. The Medical Examiner carried out an autopsy and ruled his death a homicide by strangulation. 

Middleton had initially told police that he left his children strapped into car seats but later admitted that he hadn't.

Surveillance footage from the store showed that he had been shopping for clothes for over 1 1/2 hours, and not the half an hour he'd claimed.


Part of the Prosecutor's accusation is that Middleton and "any reasonable person" would have foreseen the inherent danger in leaving two young children alone and unattended. 

Middleton placed his son in imminent danger of death, bodily injury, physical impairment, and mental impairment stated the Prosecutor, through an act of willful abandonment of a child under 15.

Houston Police has revealed that due to her age, the six-year-old will not be facing charges.


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