Woman leaves food for a blind raccoon, then she spots 2 tiny 'bodyguards' behind him

A woman shared the story of how she took care of a blind raccoon for almost five years before spotting his two unlikely friends one day.

Eryn from Illinois started feeding a raccoon that regularly came to her house to rummage for sustenance since 2009. She always left the food for the animal that came from the woods behind her house.

The raccoon that has been coming over to their house for the last five years is also estimated to be five years of age.

Eryn later figured out that there might be something wrong with its eyesight as it often walked into things. Follow us on @amomama_usato learn more.

"There is something wrong with his tapetum lucidum. His eyes shine bright green during the day. He is at least partially blind. He walks into things. He is afraid of the wind, high grass, birds, and snow,” she explained.

While Eryn continued to feed the wild creature, something unexpected happened four years. Suddenly, the raccoon started appearing with two black cats.

The two felines towed the raccoon almost as if acting like the blind creature’s guide and bodyguard. When this trend continued even until a month later, Eryn captured the animals on tape.

The video showed the cats accompanying the raccoon as it came for breakfast at Eryn’s house. Later, the cats would escort the raccoon back into the wild.

Then one day, in June 2015, the two black cats showed up at Eryn’s house without the raccoon by their side. Eryn assumed that the poor raccoon had reached the end of his life. 

Eryn stated, "We don't know how he passed away but we hope that it was somewhere peaceful in the woods behind our house. We took care of him for more than 5 years.”

She said that the average lifespan of a raccoon in the wild is just about one to three years. The fact that this raccoon had managed to survive for up to five years despite being blind was nothing short of a miracle.

In the raccoon’s absence, Eryn decided to tame the two cats that had become a part of her life now. Estimated to be around six months old, the cats seemed as much in need of a home as Eryn did two pets.

"Turned out that I needed the black kittens as much as they needed me. Taming them helped me slightly cope with the loss of my mom and my 15-year-old cat within 9 days of each other," Eryn stated.

Eryn’s mother had wanted to keep the cats before she took her final breath. So Eryn finally fulfilled her mother’s wish and gave the cats a loving home.

All thanks to the blind raccoon, not only do the cats have a great home to live, but Eryn and her family as well have two adorable pets around the house.

Back in 2016, another kindhearted North Carolina woman also made headlines by tending to the needs of a blind raccoon, whom a few golfers had left to die.

According to an article on Seattle Pi, raccoons are typically found breaking into homes that are near the woods and often have encountered with human pets.

Although they do not prey on domestic cats and dogs or attack them, are some instances where killings have been accounted for.

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