Woman got 'married' despite being married already, and now she wears 2 rings and lives with 2 men

Aby Rivas
Nov 21, 2018
12:51 A.M.
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Getting married more than once is not an uncommon practice these days. But this English woman twisted it by getting married to another man with the consent of her first husband, who walked her down the aisle.


The "polyamory," a practice that consists of having more than one romantic relationship at the same time with the consent of everyone involved, is the epicenter of this story. The leading lady seeks to legalize polygamy in the United Kingdom.


Mary Crumpton is a 44-year-old life coach who has two husbands, and both live with her under the same roof in Chorlton, United Kingdom.

“And if I want to have two husbands, then I'd like that to be respected in law as well and I don't see any reason why it shouldn't be."

The "polyamorous" woman, as she defines herself, explained to the media that her goal is to prompt a change in the law to be able to marry her second husband, John Hulls, 53, legally, and that both he and the first one, Tim Crumpton, 43, can have the same rights as her husbands.



But the story does not end there. The woman also maintains love affairs with two other men who live on the same street: Michael, 63, and James, 73.

"I'm in love with all of them," she says proudly.

Regarding her sex life, which causes so much curiosity among people who find out about her story, she explains that some of them are more sexual than others, but none of them is the alpha male of the group, which is fine for her because she doesn’t like being under stress.


In the case of her two husbands, she explained that at home everyone has a private bedroom and that some nights she sleeps with her first husband and others with the second. Somedays she doesn’t go home at all, staying at Michael's house or James' apartment.


She assures that there’s no jealousy between her partners because she makes sure to let them all know how important they are for her.

“I like to make sure I have a date night with each of them once a week,” she told The Sun, explaining that, since the four of them have such different interests, she gets to enjoy a wide arrange of activities with each one of them.


Mary said she met Tim, an aircraft engineer, in 2004 and they got married in 2013, but that two years into their marriage, she also started dating John, who later moved to her home in Manchester, where Tim also lived.


John and her "got married" earlier this year, in a non-legal ceremony at the Chorlton Unitarian Church. Tim walked her down the aisle.

Both John and Tim promised to "honor and respect" Mary's commitment to other men.

“Tim was totally fine with it,” says Mary. “I told him I met a guy I liked and he said, ‘Great — I’d like to meet him’” she explained.


She told the Manchester Evening News:

"There are plenty of people in my situation who have more than one partner they would like to commit to for life, be it same sex or different sex. And if I want to have two husbands, then I'd like that to be respected in law as well, and I don't see any reason why it shouldn't be."


The polyamorous woman explained that because she is not legally married to John, as well as Tim, if she were run over and was in the hospital, Tim would be her closest relative and he would have to make all the decisions. While John would not be recognized.


In this way, for her, "John's rights are not respected."

"If I die and I haven't made a will, everything would go to Tim and John would get nothing. I have to make a will to make sure everything gets split between them. But if I'd been able to legally marry John as well as Tim, then I wouldn't have to go that extra mile, it would just be automatic.”

Mary is willing to push for the laws of marriage to be changed, and she’s encouraging her husbands to find other partners as well.