One of Chip and Joanna Gaines' 'fixer uppers' is for rent now and you can stay there

You can lease one of Chip and Joanna Gaines’ genuine "Fixer Uppers" on Airbnb.

This home - built for the season four finale of "Fixer Uppers" - was for the hit HGTV show‘s executive producer Michael Matsumoto and his family.

The Matsumotos have listed the house for rent on Airbnb because they are moving back to Los Angeles.

“Everyone that has booked so far has been awesome. They also seem to be big fans of the show so it makes it more excited for us!”

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“It was hard to make the decision to put our house on Airbnb, but two things help us with that decision,” Matsumoto told PEOPLE.

“Work may get busy so I wanted to be closer to the office," he added. "And truthfully our house is such a special gift and so many fans have told us that it’s their favorite, it’ll be nice to let them get to experience the magic of it.”

Located in Crawford, Texas, the property includes an al fresco dining area, a play structure, a basketball court, and a little home gym.

“We have tried to put thought into every detail and what we would want and need in an Airbnb,” said Matsumoto. “I really hope our guests feel that.”

They haven’t had any guests yet, but they have their first stay reserved in December. They are also open for booking in the future.

“Everyone that has booked so far has been awesome. They also seem to be big fans of the show so it makes it more excited for us!” Matsumoto said.

“We haven’t had guests yet but are very excited to see their faces when they open the door for the first time! When we welcome anyone into our house, our family included, and they see how beautiful it is, their jaws always hit the floor. I don’t want to brag but it really is the most amazing house in the world,” he added.

Matsumoto and his family are leaving for now, but they will one day come back to the home, which held a special place in Chip and Joanna’s heart.

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