White man allegedly flashes gun on Black youngsters at McDonald's as manager forces teens out

Ra'eesah Manack
Nov 22, 2018
10:40 A.M.
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On Tuesday, a man allegedly pulled a gun on a group of teenagers. The group which consisted of mostly African-American caught some of the incidents in a now-viral video, shown below.


Police are investigating an incident that occurred inside a Minnesota McDonald's earlier this week. The incident involved a white male and a group of African-American teenagers and two girls wearing hijab.

The white male allegedly pulled out a gun and threatened the group of teenagers. In the video footage, the man is seeing screaming at the teens insisting they had touched him.


The McDonald's manager is also seen screaming at the teens to get out of the store despite watching them get threatened with a gun. 16-year old, Farida Osman was one of the teens in the group.

She recorded and uploaded the video to Twitter. In a three-part thread, she told the story and demanded to know if McDonald's stands by the racist and reckless behavior displayed by the manager. 


"@McDonalds is this what you stand for? We were just trying to order when this man said racist remarks, claimed to be touched (when really he pushed a kid as seen on video) pulled a gun out on kids and you still kick us out knowing we’re in danger?" ~ tweeted Farida

In an interview after the incident, she said she believe that the entire incident was racially fueled. Farida said that because she and her friends were black, and their group also included three other young women who were wearing hijab it influenced the way the McDonald's employees responded to the situation.


She also believes it is the reason the first man had picked the fight. Many other Twitter users agreed with her saying they think the man was completely out of line. Others called for his concealed carry license to be revoked.

"I think it’s because we were black and Muslim," Farida said. "I've had people being racist towards me before, but I've never had a gun pulled on me until now."




In a similar story, a woman reached into her purse and pulled out a handgun in the middle of the back-to-school aisle in a Michigan Walmart. The incident occurred after the woman got into an argument with another shopper over the last notebook on the shelf. The moment she pulled out her gun was caught on camera.

Another case where someone pulled out a gun in public occurred when a couple was overcome with road rage. They followed another driver before pulling out a pistol and threatening her at a busy stop light.

Instead of pulling out her own gun, the young woman took out her phone and captured images of the perpetrators and their car including their number plate.  She shared the images online to warn other drivers about the duo.